Interfaith Coordinator Program

Developing spiritual and religious leadership for a pluralistic world

Interfaith Coordinators are current Puget Sound students who receive a mentorship/scholarship supporting their ongoing development for leadership in faith-specific, multifaith, and/or interfaith programs.   

Students in their first year in the program focus on basic theory and practice of pluralistic religious/spiritual life work, particularly within the context of a multidisciplinary center like CICE.  They put on shared programs for the campus community and begin to develop areas of interest, and are often presenting their own programs or resources by spring semester.

Returning students may either continue to focus on a particular area of interest (e.g. pre-seminary preparations, strong commitments to social justice, etc.) or apply to be a Senior Interfaith Coordinator.  The Senior IC position is focused on institutional leadership, often serving on significant campus committees or helping design major events.

All interfaith coordinators are mentored by University Chaplain Dave Wright, who coordinates both the educational and practical aspects of the program.  Please feel free to contact Dave at or 253.879.3322 if you'd like more information!