Welcome Hack!

The goal and purpose:
Through survey and focus group data, we know that students at the end of their second year express a desire to have known more, connected more, and participated more, in various opportunities on campus. There are several organized events and support structures for first year students, especially around orientation and move in, and our goal as a university is to find ways to support sophomore students in both the ways they want to be supported, and need to be supported. Sophomore year is a year of many decisions – and while these decisions do not need to be made the day a sophomore sets foot on campus, it may be helpful to hear a bit about what these future decisions are, how to make them, and what support exists.

Welcome HACK:

All sophomore students are welcomed back to campus on Friday and spend Saturday reconnecting. 

Welcome Hack Brunch

Saturday morning a brunch hosted by the Dean of Student’s office is offered for sophomore students only. This brunch is an opportunity to meet and reconnect with fellow classmates. Stop by  upper Marshall to toast to year two. 

Sunset social

Keep the connections going, 4-9pm on Todd Field welcome the year ahead with music, food, photo booth, and dancing. Enjoy the last bit of summer in Tacoma as the rays fade over President's woods. 

Residence Life Programming & Support

Last but not least, Residence Life student staff will be providing opportunities to connect over the weekend. Check out last years activities for a taste of welcome HACK. Last year's events included walking to the Proctor Farmer’s market, a trip to Charlotte’s Blueberry Farm, beginning yoga, a free showing of Anchor Man 2. Res Life is excited to reintroduce you to campus and the Tacoma community.

Sophomore year is a special year, full of decisions to make and opportunities to engage with campus in the direction YOU want to engage. We hope you mark your calendars for this annual event, and get ready to take the plunge back into campus life in the Fall!