Student Rights

A member of the Puget Sound community shall become informed about the rights and responsibilities inherent in the Student Integrity Code. The Student Integrity Code outlines certain rights in resolving any complaint brought against a student:

  • The right to specific information about an alleged violation of the Standards, so that a student may prepare a defense.
  • The right to receive written notice about both the alleged violation and a description of the process by which it will be processed, as well as sufficient time to prepare for such process.
  • The right to choose options for the hearing of an alleged major violation depending on the availability of the desired forum, including a hearing by the Honor Court, by the Integrity Code Board, or by an Administrative Hearing. Formal resolution of alleged sexual misconduct is heard by the Sexual Misconduct Board.
  • The right to reasonable and fair enforcement of the policies and procedures which accompany the Principles and Standards, including the right to timely resolution of a process and, where appropriate, confidentiality as an important consideration governing a student’s return to full participation in the university community.

Any interference with the exercise of these rights can erode students’ access to a reasonable and fair process.
Each year students are informed of the Student Integrity Code, and it is available online on the Puget Sound website.


This excerpt is is section IV of the Procedures for Implementation of the Student Integrity Code from the Student Integrity Code.