Review (Appeals)

A decision of responsibility for violations of the Student Integrity Code may only be reviewed by the Dean of Students, or designee, on request of any party to the hearing, or on the Dean's initiative, subject to the following guidelines:

A. The appeal for review must be in writing and must be filed with the Dean within seven working days after the date shown on the sanction letter. An appeal for review filed later than seven working days will not be considered unless it is based on new evidence unobtainable at the time of the original hearing. Time for appeal may be increased at the discretion of the Dean if such request is made within the seven day period. There is not a required format for the appeal.

B. The only grounds for consideration of appeal for review are:

1. procedural error that unfairly and/or materially affected the outcome of the case;

2. action has been taken that is arbitrary, unreasonable, or unsupported by substantial evidence; 

3. newly discovered evidence emerges that was not obtainable at the time of the original hearing; or

4. severity of the sanction is disproportionate to the sanctions given for comparable offenses.

C. The Dean may, at their discretion, hold an informal review conference. The Dean determines the form or procedure for such a review conference. The review process is not a new hearing. It is limited to a review of the record and decision, and new evidence is considered only if it is relevant and only if it was unobtainable at the time of the original hearing.

D. If, in the Dean’s judgment, the grounds of the appeal are warranted, then the appeal is sustained.

E. In cases where the appeal for review is sustained, the Dean may:

1. dismiss the charges.

2. reduce or modify, but not increase the severity of the sanction.

3. return the case to the Integrity Code Board, the Honor Court, or a member of the Dean of Students staff for further directed consideration.

The Dean will notify the outcome of the appeal to all persons who heard the case.


This excerpt is section V of the Procedures for Implementation of the Student Integrity Code from the Student Integrity Code.