Records Retention and Disclosure

A member of the Dean of Students staff will retain a confidential record of any student’s conduct process, including reports, case notes, and outcomes. This record is kept separate from records retained by the Registrar , except in the case of a conduct expulsion, which is noted on a student’s academic transcript. A member of the Dean of Students staff retains records based on the following protocol, but reserves the right to retain any record as needed: records with low level sanctioning (conduct reprimand) will be shredded when a student graduates, or five years after the incident date, whichever comes first. Records that contain level I conduct probation will be shredded five years after the incident date. Records that contain level II conduct probation, residence eviction,
suspension, voluntary withdrawal, conditional suspension, and/or expulsion will be retained indefinitely.

A student’s conduct record is considered a part of their educational record and may not be disclosed by the university without the written consent of the student(s) to whom the requested information pertains, unless otherwise permitted or required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 or the Clery Act of 1998. The complainant of a violent crime or a harassment offense will be informed of the decision and any sanction resulting from a conduct process with the responding student.