Integrity Code Board

The Integrity code Board is a three-person (one student, one faculty member, and one staff member) with members drawn from the membership of the Student Honor Court. The Integrity Code Board provides an informal setting to hear and establish the facts of the case, determine responsibility for alleged violations, and recommend sanctions, if appropriate, to the Associate Dean for Student Services. Following the conference, the Associate Dean for Student services imposes an appropriate sanction for the violation of the Integrity Code if the student is found responsible. No witnesses may be called at the conference (it is a closed meeting), but the student may submit written character references or other written materials pertaining to the circumstances relevant to the incident and/or charges.

  1. The student may have an advisor, who is not an attorney, present during the Integrity Code Board conference. The student is responsible for presenting his or her own case, and therefore the advisor is not permitted to prepare or submit documents, present arguments or participate actively in the hearing; his or her sole role is to advise the student.
  2. The conference is tape recorded for the protection of all parties and the tape becomes part of the record. The tape is confidential and is used only for the purpose of this conference and any resulting appeal. No copies of this tape may be made. If the student wishes to listen to the tape for an appeal, he or she must do so in a setting arranged by the Associate Dean of Students.
  3. The tape is destroyed immediately after an appeal has been exercised or within 30 days, whichever is sooner.