Course Requirements


It is recommended that each instructor within the first week of class outline assignments, readings, examinations, term papers, due dates, bases for evaluation, attendance policy, and the likelihood of examinations during the week preceding finals. An instructor will not have to accept late work or work received after the last day of classes unless an incomplete grade has been authorized by the instructor.  After permanent grades have been assigned, an instructor may not accept late or additional work in order to reassess or change the final grade.

Reading Period

The reading period is intended to provide students with time to reflect on their semester’s academic work
and to prepare for final examinations. This time must be free from competing demands of class meetings,
tests, deadlines for coursework, and other activities. Optional review sessions in which new course
material will not be introduced are allowed. Requests to waive this policy must be submitted in writing to
the Dean of the University.

Final Examinations

The week of final examinations is an integral part of each term. The Office of the Registrar schedules final
examinations and includes that information on student class schedules and each instructor’s class list. In
all classes in which a final examination is given, the final examination must be given during the time period
assigned. The final examination is not to be given during the last week of classes or the reading period. No
exceptions to the final examination policy can be made by the instructor.

In those courses in which a final examination is given, all students must take the final examination as scheduled, even if this results in students having two or three examinations scheduled on a single day.

If a unit examination or a quiz is planned during the last two weeks of classes, the instructor is expected to inform the students in advance.

In summer classes, final examinations are given in the last regular class session.

Requests to waive any part of this final examination policy must be submitted in writing by the faculty member to the Dean of the University.