Course Numbering

The university course numbering system gives an indication of the expectations for the level at which the
course is taught.

Courses numbered at the 100 level are introductory and open to freshmen. Normally, 100-level courses do
not have prerequisites.

Courses numbered at the 200 level are generally designed for sophomores. Courses at the 200 level may
be taken by any student and normally do not have prerequisites.

Courses numbered at the 300 level are normally taken in the junior and senior years and, even though
prerequisites may not be stated explicitly, such courses may expect special proficiency or maturity in the
discipline. The need for proficiency varies by department.

Courses numbered at the 400 level are senior-level. In most cases there is the expectation of previous
experience in the discipline and junior or senior class standing.

Courses numbered at the 500 level are either In-Service Education courses or are Fieldwork courses. In-Service Education courses are designed for educators who want to update their knowledge and/or professional skills in a particular field or to acquire basic knowledge in a new field. These courses do not apply toward an undergraduate or graduate degree. Juniors and seniors who are potential graduate students may enroll in these courses, with the permission of the School of Education, to advance toward a teaching endorsement. Fieldwork courses are offered through the Occupational Therapy program to students who have completed the academic phase of the program and are continuing with the clinical phase.

Courses numbered at the 600 or 700 level are for graduate students or graduate degree candidates only.
There are certain numbers which are restricted to specific uses: __93 and __94 are seminar numbers and
are restricted to senior or graduate seminars; __95 and __96 are Independent Study numbers and a contract
must be provided at the time of registration; and __97 and __98 are internship programs. The Co-operative
Education experience is designated COOP 499.