Sexual Misconduct

The University of Puget Sound does not tolerate harassment or assault in any form. These behaviors are demeaning, offensive, illegal, and prohibited by policy. They have no place in an educational, or any other, environment.

The University of Puget Sound is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that respects and protects the rights of all members of our community. This commitment is reflected in the revised Campus Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct. With the formal adoption of the policy revisions in September 2017, the university reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining an environment free of intimidation, fear, coercion, and reprisal - one in which staff, faculty, and students can develop intellectually, professionally, personally, and socially.

The revised policy was developed over three years in consultation with students, faculty, and staff. It reflects the understanding that harassment and assault are harmful not only to the persons involved, but also the campus community as a whole. Academic freedom can exist only when all are free to pursue ideas in a non-threatening, non-coercive environment of mutual respect. Acts of bias, hate, harassment, and assault compromise that freedom.

The university is committed to educating the campus community about harassment, bias and sexual assault. We hope that you will take time now to review the revised policy, with particular attention to the definitions of discriminatory harassment, sexual misconduct (which includes indecent liberties, rape, and other forms of sexual exploitation), the complaint procedures, and the range of possible sanctions. While the policy's ultimate goal is to prevent harassment and sexual misconduct, it informs community members of what they can do, should they encounter or observe it.

As members of the University of Puget Sound community, we share responsibility for creating a learning environment that supports individual exploration, creativity, and accomplishment. This policy helps us maintain an environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas and advances the growth of each individual. Should you have questions about the policy, or if you would like to get more involved in helping Puget Sound address issues of discriminatory harassment or sexual misconduct, please contact the Dean of Students at or call 253.879.3360.