Student Diversity Center or Social Justice Center Reservation Form

The Student Diversity Centers support student success through development of programs that honor & uplift the wide range of students' ethnicity, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation; collaboration among student groups; and integration of students into the campus learning community. We hope that the SDC & SJC provides you and your organization a welcoming space for identity-based solidarity, social justice work, and campus community building. Take a virtual tour of the spaces to familiarize yourself!

Spaces and Capacities

Student Diversity Center (SDC) – Blue House
• Living Room, 20 (includes tv and couches)
• Conference Room, 10 (includes small conference table and chairs and white board)
• A kitchenette and bathroom is also available for use

Social Justice Center (SJC) – Sage House
• Great Room, 30 (includes moveable tables and chairs, projector and screen, podium, one desk and chair)
• Meditation Room, 10 (includes altar, meditation cushions, and separate outside entrance)
• A full kitchen is also available for use and is reserved for the group when the Great Room has been reserved.

Patio – between SDC and SJC
• 20 people

Student Diversity Center & Social Justice Center Reservation Form

Student Diversity Center & Social Justice Center Reservation Form

Please use this form if you are a University of Puget Sound student, staff, or faculty member and would like to book any rooms in the Student Diversity Center or the Social Justice Center or would like to book the patio.

  • Event/Meeting Information

    Please fill out the desired space(s), description, date, and time of your event.

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    Pick a date.
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  • SDC, SJC, & Patio Guidelines and Accountability Contract

    Student Clubs/Organizations are required to agree to this accountability contract in order to confirm their reservation and before they can occupy the Student Diversity Center (blue house) or Social Justice Center (sage house) space, located on the corner of 13th & Lawrence, for the upcoming academic year.

    Accountability Guidelines
    In order to keep the new SDC/SJC well maintained and clean, organizations that leave messes/break items will be fined, as noted below, in order to encourage accountability and respect for the space as a collective venue for all groups, as well as to prevent further messes.
    1. 1st Fine, $25: Organizations will either read their accountability letter at the next meeting and/or send on their club list-serv (this will ensure that all understand the fine, not just the club representative who is alerted of the situation via email)
    2. 2nd Fine, $50: Organizations will pay an increased fine of $50. They will also be informed that their next fine, if a third situation occurs, will be $75 and will include a mandatory meeting with the CICE Program Coordinator to talk through space usage.
    3. 3rd Fine, $75: Organizations will be fined $75 and will include a mandatory meeting with the CICE Program Coordinator, ideally before their next event/meeting takes place
    4. Lastly, because it is not within the SDC’s objectives to close our doors to any student diversity group, after the 3rd fine student groups who have left messes will no longer be able to host events with food at the SDC/SJC (e.g. they can still have meetings, but not dinners or potlucks, etc).

    General House Rules
    • Please open any windows that you need, but remember to close them before you leave.
    • To support energy conservation, please return the thermostat to 65F after use.
    • If your club leaves personal or organizational items in the space, we will give you a week’s time to collect them or they will be discarded or brought to the Lost & Found. We will send your organization’s president and/or representative who signed this form one reminder to give 72 hr notice.

    • Dirty dishes and utensils are to be washed, dried, and put away immediately after use.
    • Counter-tops should be wiped down after each cooking session (put where cleaning supplies are), do not leave spills to dry later.
    • Please only use the ingredients that belong to your club (label your club ingredients). General pots, pans, and spices will be provided for all to share.
    • Put all cooking elements back in their labeled homes.
    • Perishable food items not eaten or claimed by Friday at 9:00am will be disposed of on a weekly basis.

    SDC Living Room and Conference Room/SJC Meditation Room and Great Room
    • If furniture was moved at the beginning of the meeting, please return the furniture back to its original position at the end of the meeting.
    • Do not leave your trash or personal items in the living room space.
    • Please keep art supplies organized and return them to their containers/bins, and clean up all messes related to art projects. If you are not able to clean it yourself, please alert the CICE staff immediately. If a mess needing assistance occurs after 5pm, please let CICE know by 9am the next day at the latest.
    • Please respect the sustainability by recycling based on Washington State Department of ecology's recommendations.
    Room Reservation Information
    • Daily schedules will be posted on the bulletin boards in the SDC and SJC spaces. All clubs, organizations, and individuals who have previously reserved space through or Austin Raymond (CICE Program Coordinator) will be listed on the schedule. Please do not occupy the space before your reservation begins and please depart as soon as your reservation ends so as to make sure all groups receive the full time they have reserved.
    • Any additional time must be reserved through or Austin's email ( If you notice available time on the daily schedule, please do not occupy the space until it has been reserved, even if you hope to use the space the same day or hour. It is possible a last minute reservation has been made after the daily schedules were printed and we want to make sure that reservation times are respected.
    • All SDC and SJC spaces, including the patio, must be separately reserved through For example, if you have reserved the SJC Great Room and would like the patio as well, you will need to submit reservation requests for both spaces.
    • Be mindful that the SDC and SJC spaces may host confidential meetings. If a door is shut and the space has not been reserved by your group, please do not enter.
    • The meditation room in the SJC is also a confidential space when in use. Please do not enter unless you have reserved the space.
    • The library space is also a work space for the CICE student staff. That said, the library space may be reserved after 5pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends, unless previously approved.
    • If you have any questions about scheduling or spaces, please contact or 253-879-2751

    If your meeting or event requires any special setup (i.e. tables and chairs, audio-visual, etc.), please email your requests to

  • For Questions: