Flier Incident

Update on fall 2016 flier incident

Jan. 16, 2017

A student conduct case that commenced in November 2016 has generated questions and comments about the purpose and practice of the student conduct process, how sanctions are determined, and how members of our community are affected by sanctions.

The welfare of all members of the campus community is and must always be our highest priority. While the university cannot comment on a specific student conduct case (see message to campus community on Nov. 11, 2016), we affirm our commitment to providing a safe place for all members of the campus community to live, learn, and work. We aspire to continuous improvement in becoming a fully welcoming and inclusive campus, and have policies and programs in place to uphold our values as a community. We also affirm our commitment to freedom of speech and the practice of civil discourse.

All reports of alleged violations of the Integrity Principle or other policies (such as the Campus Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Sexual Misconduct) are taken seriously. The goal of any sanctions imposed through the student conduct process is to provide the opportunity for students to grow in self-knowledge and ethical habits of thought and action. Separation from the institution, whether temporary or permanent, is rare but may be required in certain situations. Additional information about student conduct is available in this Student Conduct Q&A.

Information about Freedom of Expression, Harassment, and University Policies

Dec. 9, 2016

On Nov. 11, 2016, a flier was distributed at various locations on campus. The flier listed the names of 22 members of the campus community with inflammatory descriptions and terminology attached to each name.

President Crawford sent a message to all members of the campus community on Nov. 11, and in accordance with policy an investigation was launched immediately. While the university supports and defends freedom of expression, it has clear policies prohibiting harassment of any kind. Information about those policies and related information appears below.

Issues related to freedom of expression and freedom from harassment or harm are important matters that the university takes very seriously. In adherence to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and other university policies related to privacy and conduct, the university is unable to provide additional information about this incident, the investigation, or its outcome.