Bridges: Connecting Student's Experiences

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A Personal Narrative: Sam Lilly

Alternative Spring Break

The night before embarking to the Olympic Peninsula I distinctly remember packing. In my blue Adidas duffle bag, I packed a rain-jacket, a wind-breaker, a fleece North Face, a Patagonia vest, a pair of borrowed hiking boots, wool socks and wool socks and more wool socks, and jeans that still had the tag on them, all amongst a rag tag assortment of shirts and flannels. I was determined to beat the cold wind that Neha Bay was notorious for. The day of the trip I began walking down the pathway toward the Yellow House from my dorm building and I recall became exceedingly anxious.

A Personal Narrative: Kyungin Kim

One World, Myriad Cultures

The project "One World, Myriad Cultures" aims to raise awareness regarding the international diversity here on campus. With only 2% of the whole student body identifying as having a nationaility other than American, international students here often experience identity marginalization from widespread comments or attitudes that do not encompass respect for cultures outside of the US. For this project, different narratives of multicultural students' experiences will be pieced together into one installation artwork, celebrating the diverse yet interconnected nature of the cultures in the world. 

An Interview: Kyle Rienke

Relay for Life

University of Puget Sound founded Relay For Life in 1985, a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Over the past 31 years, Relay For Life had over 3 million participants and raised over $5 billion. Throughout the United States there are over 4,700 events and 1,000 events internationally. President Kyle Rienke, is one of the many individuals who have contributed endless hours and heartfelt passion towards making sure Puget Sound has yet another successful Relay For Life. Below is Kyle's experience.