Spring Semester Resources and Division of Student Affairs Office Hours and Outreach

Each semester of a college career is an opportunity to start anew toward your ultimate goal of successful graduation and preparation for your life-path ahead. Each and every one of you was invited to join the Puget Sound community because we believe that you can thrive and succeed here. As you think about your success to-date and goals ahead, be sure to remember the many resources and resource-persons on campus who are here to help you on your way.

We'd love to touch base with you! Please check out our Division of Student Affairs Office Hours & Outreach for Spring 2021 to connect. 


First-year students and new transfer students: It’s not unusual for a first-term grade average to be lower than what was earned in high school or prior college. The typical Puget Sound first-year student experiences a grade point drop between high school and the end of the first semester of their initial college year. The demanding liberal arts journey upon which you have embarked may require more of you than you anticipated. Don’t be discouraged. Each student has their own pace on that journey and we are here to help you navigate your distinctive path.

All students: You might use the next couple of weeks to do some strategic thinking about what you will do similarly and differently in the coming semester. Forming or participating in study groups, being in more frequent contact with faculty members, monitoring your calendar and time more proactively, connecting more often with Peer Advisors or subject tutors, or checking out the learning skills development offered by the Center for Writing, Learning and Teaching could be useful approaches to boost your academic accomplishments. Connecting with Career and Employment Services and, Experiential Learning are great options for adding opportunities to apply and extend your classroom learning in internships, fieldwork, and community involvement.

Religious Observances Policy: In keeping with State Law, Puget Sound maintains a policy by which students can request academic accommodation to allow their participation in their own religious and spiritual observances.  The policy does require action by students seeking an accommodation in the first two weeks of classes, so if you feel you might want to request academic accommodations related to observances such as Eid, Passover, Easter, or others, please visit the Religious Observances Policy link.

Academic, Work, and Internship Links 

Links for Student Care, Support, & Connection 

  • The Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services website includes resources you can access on your own and information on  how to schedule appointments.
  • Our Campus Food Pantry, Lending Library, and Clothing Closet all offer free resources for students.  Learn more at our Student Support page, which also includes information on Intercultural Engagement as well as Sexual & Gender Violence Prevention.
  • The University Chaplaincy serves students of any, all, and no particular spiritual background.  Chaplain Dave Wright ‘96 holds in-person and online office hours and is a protected, strictly confidential resource.  
  • “The Dean is In” - Each week the Associate Deans and University Chaplain will be holding drop-in hours in Marshall Hall (occasionally online) for students to come and talk with leaders in Student Affairs.  Final information, schedules, and more coming soon - starts on 1/25/21!

Student Housing

Thinking about where to live next year? Students who live on campus enjoy convenient access to services and community members. Residence Life has many options!

Student Housing for Fall ’21: 

  • Current Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors returning in Fall ‘21: Groups can apply starting on 2/8/21, and starting on 3/1/21 you can individually sign-up for a room through myPugetSound. 
  • Current First-Year Students: You will receive an email link in mid-March in case you’d like to apply for a suite or house as a group.  Groups will be approved on a space available, first-applied, first-approved basis. Individual students will automatically receive a housing selection time in late March.

Questions about on-campus housing for Fall ’21? Email reslife@pugetsound.edu.   

Greek Life Recruitment and Housing

Your housing options may be affected by your choice about membership in the Puget Sound fraternities and sororities. Approximately 27% of students are members of our nine Greek letter organizations. Spring recruitment provides opportunities to better understand each chapter and find out which house is the best match for you.  Recruitment will be held virtually this year beginning January 27 for fraternities and January 29 for sororities.  You can find information about sorority recruitment here; and more about fraternity recruitment here. Our Greek Life community offers many opportunities for leadership development as well as close relationships with peers and upper-division students. For additional information contact greeklife@pugetsound.edu.

Greek Life Recruitment and Housing – Spring Recruitment!

For additional information contact greeklife@pugetsound.edu.

Opportunities for Campus Leadership 

There are a wide variety of involvement opportunities available to you but it is important to be thoughtful about these commitments. It’s the quality of your contributions that are most meaningful, not the quantity. Keep your health and academics in the forefront as you consider your available time in the weeks ahead.Information about application and selection processes for a variety of 2020-21 campus leadership positions is below. 

Leadership & Scholarship Opportunities

  • We are always looking for returning students to help lead new Loggers as they begin their journey. More information about becoming an Orientation leader can be found here
  • Residence Life Student Leaders - Applications to be an RA, RCC, or GHC next year are available now and due on 2/22 at 11:59pm.  Learn more and access the application on the Join Residence Life page
  • Students of any, all, or no particular religious or spiritual background are invited to apply to be Spiritual Life Scholars, helping to lead campus engagement with religious diversity and spiritual wellbeing.  The application will be available on 2/15/21 and is due on 3/31/21.  Please contact dwright@pugetsound.edu for more information.
  • Learn about becoming a Peer Advisor at the Advising and Registrar page, and Information about applying to be a Writing Advisor or Subject Tutor is available on the CWLT page
  • Students interested in running to be ASUPS Executive Officers (President and Vice President) and Senators can get a packet starting on 1/19/21. Applications are due on 2/23/21, and elections will be held on 3/9.  Email ASUPS VP Kari Nolasco at asupsvp@pugetsound.edu to request an elections packet.  The newly elected executive officers will select other positions and leadership roles in March and April.  
  • Puget Sound offers a range of scholarships that support students for leadership related to race, ethnicity, religion/spirituality, and civic engagement.  These applications will be posted on 2/15/21 on our scholarship page and are due by 3/31/21. Please contact sfs@pugetsoudn.edu for further information.