Voice of a Lifetime Logger: Zach Lam ’11

What did you learn through cocurricular involvement at Puget Sound? How are you applying that learning in the field postgraduation?
Being on staff with SSSJ helped me make connections outside the UPS community that integrated and enriched my academic work. After graduation I was lucky to not only have the connections but also the skills and experience I had developed through my work, which complemented my more theoretical academic background nicely.

What do you wish you learned at Puget Sound that would have better equipped you to do what you’re doing after graduation?
I wish we all had had a chance to develop meaningful connections outside the academic community from the very beginning of our time at UPS. The academics are why we go to college, but the dialogue between the academy and the real world was critical to my achieving a better understanding of both. I wish that had been more integrated into my everyday life and that more students could have had similar opportunities.