Referral Guide for Student Concerns


Please refer a student who is:

* Emotionally distressed, physically ill, or suicidal

       Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (CHWS)   x1555
       (after hours or if no answer, call Security Services x3311)

* In need of informing professors that a student will be absent from class for a week or more
  due to sickness or family emergency

       Academic Advising   x3250
       Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students x3325

* In need of advice about medical or emergency withdrawal
       Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students   x3325
Academic Advising x3250

* In need of advice about a leave of absence, permanent withdrawal, or transfer to another school

       Academic Advising   x3250
       Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students x3325

* In need of advice about finances

       Maggie Mittuch, Director of Student Financial Services   x3198

*In need of spiritual or religious support

       David Wright, University Chaplain  x2751

* In need of assistance for a learning or physical disability, including short term injury

      Peggy Perno, Director of Student Accessibility & Accommodations,   x2692

*In need of advice about choosing a major or discussing strategies for addressing academic warning or probation

       Faculty Advisor
       Landon Wade, Director of Academic Advising    x3651 

*In need of releasing an Advisor Meeting Registration Hold to register because student's advisor is unavailable or on leave

       Academic Advising   x3250

*In need of advice about career opportunities or career counseling

       Career and Employment Services    x3161

*In need of information about graduate scholarships and national fellowships

        Kelli Delaney, Fellowships   x3329

*Making a complaint about a grade or a faculty member

       Department Chair
       Michael Pastore, Registrar x3529

*Making a sexual harassment complaint or a complaint about discrimination based on religion, race, age,  disability, sexual orientation, etc.

       Tiffany Davis, Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Deputy Title IX Coordinator  
       Michael Benitez, Chief Diversity Officer   x3929
       Janice Jackson-Haley, Director of Human Resources x3541
       Kris Bartanen, Academic Dean x3205
       Debbie Chee, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life x2640        
       Grace Kirchner, Faculty Sexual Harassment Ombudsperson   x3785  
       Sunil Kukreja, Associate Academic Dean   x3588
       Mona Lawrence, Director of Student Employment Services   x3161  
       Cindy Matern, Associate Vice President for Human Resources  
       Vivie Nguyen, Director for Intercultural Engagement   x3373
       Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students   x3325

Please report a student who is:

* In a life-threatening situation or is posing an imminent threat to self or others

       Security Services   x3311

* Out of class for unknown reasons

       Academic Advising   x3250

* Suspected of being missing

       Office of the Dean of Students   x3360
       Security Services   x3311

* Alleged to have violated the Academic Honesty Policy

       Michael Pastore, Registrar x3529

* Alleged to have violated the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy

       Technology Services   x8585

* Alleged to have violated the Student Integrity Code

       Jessica Pense, Director of Student Conduct x3439

To report a student death:

       Dean of Students  x3360

For consultation regarding immigration enforcement re: undocumented or documented immigrant persons

       Todd Badham, Director of Security Services x3313
       Cindy Matern, Associate Vice President for Human Resources x3116
       Michael Pastore, Registrar x3529
       Dave Wright, University Chaplain x3818


Wheelock Student Center Room 208