Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance abuse prevention at the University of Puget Sound is aimed at harm-reduction, education, managing risk, and promoting healthy lifestyle choices that respect individual values and beliefs.  Some students choose to abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs.  For many students, college is a time of personal growth and experimentation that may include the use of alcohol and/or other substances.

Our substance abuse prevention efforts include outreach and education through use of social norming and other public health campaigns. We also meet with students as a result of coming into contact with Student Conduct for violations related to the university’s alcohol and drug policy. For those students, educational workshops or individual substance abuse assessments are designed to help increase awareness of the not-so-good outcomes of their actions. These workshops and assessments provide students with accurate information and evidenced-based interventions related to college student substance use.

We encourage you to use this website as a resource and tool. Whether you currently use alcohol or other substances, are in recovery, are abstinent, or simply curious, we hope that you find this a meaningful forum. We are also available to provide workshops or presentations to specific campus groups or organizations on topics related to alcohol and other drug use.

If you have questions that are not answered within these pages and links, or if you are interested in getting involved with prevention efforts on campus, feel free to contact CHWS.