Support and Care for Students Struggling with Self-Harm and Suicide

As our campus transitions to remote work and remote learning for the rest of the semester, Puget Sound still wants to support our students on and off campus who are having a hard time – including those who may be concerned for themselves or a peer about behaviors related to suicide and self-harm.

If there is an immediate threat to someone’s life:

  • On-Campus – Please call Security Services at 253.879.3311 immediately
  • Off-Campus – Please call 911 immediately 

If you are struggling yourself: Visit or see the resources at the bottom of this page.

Students, Faculty, and Staff: If you are concerned that a student may be engaging in self-harm or considering suicide, please fill out the online report form.  This is a modified version of our Self Harm Report that will allow our Review Team and staff to do our best to connect with and support students who are struggling with these concerns.   The form goes directly to one of the members of our Review Team, who will together consider the situation and take what action is possible to provide support and intervention. 

In addition, please remember that there are national and local resources to get help for yourself or to discuss a friend you’re concerned about, including:

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Sarah Shives at 253.879.3325 ( or Dave Wright at 253.879.3818 (