Mental Health Services

Updated Spring 2019

In the last year, CHWS has seen a 13% increase in the number of students receiving counseling and therapy services. In order to effectively meet the needs of our students, CHWS has restructured and streamlined the process by which we offer counseling and psychotherapy treatment and services. This includes a more targeted evaluation during screening, more efficient partnering with other campus departments and services, and an increased number of support, therapy, and psychoeducational groups and workshops.

CHWS will continue to provide free counseling services on site, using a stepped care model approach.

What to expect:

  • Students seeking counseling or therapy can access services Monday-Friday, from 1-4 p.m. by walking into CHWS an initial screening consultation.

  • Before meeting with one of our counselors, you will be asked to fill out forms with basic information about yourself.

  • One of our counselors will then meet with you and discuss what brought you in, give you information about available services, and collaboratively build a plan based on their goals and needs.

  • Everyone is unique; therefore, each person's needs are individually assessed and considered in order to determine the best next step.

  • Sometimes needs are met through a single meeting with a counselor.

  • Some individuals may require additional services such as learning self-help skills by attending a workshop, participating in group therapy sessions, or engaging in short-term individual therapy.

  • CHWS will continue to offer short-term therapy, which for many, is every other week or every third week sessions. For most people this is 4-5 sessions.

  • If someone needs long-term and/or higher frequency individual therapy, or has needs that  would be better met elsewhere, you and counselor will collaborate to identify and connect with the appropriate resources off campus.

  • You may be encouraged to participate in skill building workshops or groups before an intake appointment. This will increase services for you before the intake, and by learning additional life/coping skills or participating in a therapy group we anticipate this will augment the counseling you may receive.

  • You can expect wait times from screening to intake appointment of 1-3 weeks. We encourage students to participate in workshops and groups while waiting for the intake appointment.

  • When you are working with our reception staff to schedule your intake we will offer you the times that are available. If we cannot schedule your intake within 3 weeks based upon our available intakes, you can request to have your name on a cancellation call list. When intake appointments are cancelled we can call you to offer one of the times.