Mental Health Services

Updated October 2020

In order to effectively meet the needs of our students, CHWS has restructured and streamlined the process by which we offer counseling and psychotherapy treatment and services. This includes a more targeted evaluation, more efficient partnering with other campus departments and services, and an increased number of support, therapy, and psychoeducational groups and workshops.

CHWS will continue to provide free counseling services on site, using a stepped care model approach.

What to expect:

  • Students seeking counseling or therapy can access services Monday-Friday by calling CHWS to schedule a Recommendation and Referral services appointment.  These appointments are available on a same day / next day basis.  

  • Before meeting with one of our counselors, you will be asked to fill out forms with basic information about yourself.

  • One of our counselors will then meet with you and discuss what brought you in, give you information about available services, and collaboratively build a plan based on their goals and needs.

  • Everyone is unique; therefore, each person's needs are individually assessed and considered in order to determine the best next step.

  • Sometimes needs are met through a single meeting with a counselor.

  • Some individuals may require additional services such as learning self-help skills by attending a workshop, participating in group therapy sessions, or engaging in short-term individual therapy.

Services outside our scope of practice
Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services provides outpatient treatment for a range of psychological conditions; however, we are not equipped to provide intensive or long-term care.  If it is determined that we do not have the appropriate resources to meet your treatment needs, our treatment approaches are not proving effective, or we have reached capacity, we may refer you to appropriate providers outside the college.  Examples of issues where referral may be necessary include but are not limited to : history of multiple hospitalizations, chronic suicidality and/or self-harming behaviors, history of repeated suicide attempts, severity of alcohol or drug use that requires intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment, severity of an eating disorder that requires intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment, evidence of progressive deterioration in ability to function, need for formal psychological evaluation, and assessment of learning disability/ADHD or neurological testing.  Court-mandated assessments or treatment are not provided by CHWS.