Mental Health Services

Mental health providers in CHWS include psychologists, therapists, doctoral interns, and a psychiatrist.

  • Students can be seen for mental health visits free of charge at CHWS. Patients can typically be seen every 2-3 weeks for a variety of presenting concerns such as grief, sexuality and gender identity exploration, help during times of transition, when struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder or mood disorders.
  • Patients initiate counseling through initial screening,  and may then be seen for an intake.   If a student needs a higher level of care or more frequent visits, CHWS will help connect them with resources in the community.   A student may be referred to our psychiatric provider for additional care.  There is a charge for psychiatry visits.
  • We encourage students to advocate for their health care needs which may include looking into insurance coverage for therapists in the area.
  • CHWS also supplies resources for suicide prevention and substance abuse prevention.
  • CHWS providers do not offer initial screening or diagnostic testing for ADHD, however they can continue you on your ADHD medication after reviewing documentation of your diagnosis.

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