Medical Health Services

CHWS is staffed by physician assistants, nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, a dietitian, an MD, and a psychiatrist.

Students can be treated for acute care needs, chronic needs as well as mental health visits. Providers at CHWS can discuss current medications, refill medications, and help connect students to referrals in the community when needed.

  • CHWS providers do not offer initial screening or diagnostic testing for ADHD, however they can continue you on your ADHD medication after reviewing documentation of your diagnosis.
  • Our RN gives allergy shots (though we cannot provide an initial allergy assessment), we also provide immunizations.
  • CHWS performs physical exams including exams for study abroad or summer employment.
  • We draw labs at CHWS for a variety of reasons including STI screening. Additional fees apply for lab work.
  • CHWS cares for transgender students, and although we do not initiate hormonal treatment, we can connect students with community resources and continue care during transition.
  • CHWS can provide STI testing and birth control prescriptions, as well as emergency contraception.

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