Student Employee On-the-Job Injuries & Illnesses

  • Washington State is a "Self Choice State" which means an injured employee has the option to seek care with a provider of their choice.
  • Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (CHWS) does not provide medical care for university faculty and staff.

Emergency treatment for students with work related injuries or illnesses is not provided by CHWS. When a student presents to CHWS with an injury, the front desk staff will ask if the injury is work related. When a student indicates the injury is work related, the health staff will be notified and an appropriate referral made.

CHWS health care providers can offer triage, and may be required to stabilize a student before transporting to an appropriate facility. If the injury is minor, such as a laceration not requiring sutures, a simple abrasion without other injury, or a minor burn, the health care provider may decide to treat the student in CHWS. If there are any fees associated with this treatment, the patient will be billed and given a receipt they can submit to Human Resources for reimbursement.

Guidelines from the Human Resources policy "On the Job Injuries and Illnesses":

  • If a students presents with an on the job injury or illness they should be advised to report the incident to his or her supervisor as soon as possible.
  • If the injury or illness results in a visit to a health care provider or in time lost from work, the student should be advised to complete a Self Insured Accident Report form (SIF-2) in Human Resources within 48 hours of the injury or illness. If the student requires emergency care, CHWS staff may call Human Resources at 253.879.3369 to obtain a claim number.
  • When medical attention is needed, the student should be referred to their provider of choice or one of the following community facilities:
    • For Emergency Care:
      Multicare Allenmore Medical Center Emergency Room
      South 19th & Union
    • CHI Franciscan St. Joseph Hospital
      1717 S. "J" Street
    • For Non-emergent Care:
      • MultiCare West Tacoma Urgent Care
        2209 N. Pearl Suite 100
      • University Place Urgent Care
        4310 Bridgeport Way W. Ste A

(Access the complete Human Resources "On-the-Job Injuries and Illnesses Policy")