Scheduling appointments in Counseling, Health & Wellness Services.

You may call for an appointment at any time during the hours that CHWS is open. All routine (non-urgent) appointments should be scheduled several days in advance. Any flexibility you offer in your schedule will increase the chances of finding an early appointment time.

For medical appointments you should call early in the day to have the best choice of times available.  If no appointment slots are open you may be evaluated by the RN or MA to determine the urgency of your health problem. There may be a space available for an urgent problem or you may be referred to the Urgent Care center or to an Emergency Room.

Counseling Appointments:  Recommendation and referral hours provide an opportunity for a brief consultation to help determine appropriate services within CHWS, referrals to other supports, and/or next steps based upon current distress, presenting concerns, and availability of services.  The goal of R & R is to evaluate what might best meet your therapeutic needs and provide a path towards that service.  R & R may also help to resolve small issues that only require one session to complete.  
CHWS is able to provide weekly group therapy and limited individual therapy .  If you believe weekly therapy would best suit your needs please discuss referral options with your R & R counselor.

Psychiatric appointments are made by referral from one of the other CHWS providers. If you think you need a psychiatric appointment, a CHWS counselor or medical provider must first see you.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call CHWS (253.879.1555) at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a late cancellation fee.   We really value your giving us this notice, because it enables another student to utilize your appointment time.


Fees for Office Visits

Payment is due at time of service in the form of cash, check, or debit/credit card.
You may submit a receipt to your private insurance company for potential reimbursement. 
View fees for office visits.