Typical Counseling & Health Issues

Typical Counseling Issues

Alcohol and other drug concerns
Anxiety and high levels of stress
College adjustment and homesickness
Concentration difficulty
Conflicts with others
Depression, shyness, and loneliness
Eating disorders
Family difficulties
Loss of a friendship or relationship
Sexual identity concerns
Sleep difficulty
Suicidal thoughts

Typical Health Issues

Abdominal pain
Athletic injuries
Birth control counseling
Bites - insect, animal, and human
Colds and coughs
Cuts and lacerations
Emergency contraception
Emergency first aid
Eye, ear, nose, and throat problems
Gynecological exams with Pap smear and Chlamydia testing
Lice and scabies
Lower respiratory infections (asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia)
Rashes and skin problems
Physical exams for sports, study abroad, jobs, etc.
Safer sex information
Sexually transmitted disease
Sprains, strains, and uncomplicated fractures
Stomach (digestion) problems
Warts (all kinds)
Vaginal and pelvic infections