Juniper Slayton, MA (sie/hir/hirs or xe/xem/xir)

Kae SlaytonDoctoral Intern

Juniper Thistlemoss (sie/hir/hirs or xe/xem/xirs) is excited to intern for CHWS! Xe is a bit of a name dragon, joyfully collecting many nicknames that suit xir. You can call xir Juniper, Juno, Thistle, or Moss; whatever strikes your fancy.

For the last five years, Juno called Chicago home, though xe originally hailed from a small rural town in Kansas. Xe has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University, where xe is finishing up xir graduate program. Xe also has a minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies. Xe has begun developing a specialty in working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, intersex, asexual, transgender/non-binary, and questioning clients.

Compassion, creativity, and genuine conversation are the foundations of Juno’s approach to therapy. Sie focuses on building honest, safe, and empowering relationships with clients to facilitate client-directed healing and growth. More specifically, sie strives to help clients move toward what’s authentic to them while honoring each person’s unique cultural identities, social contexts, and values. Always unraveling society’s rigid categories, sie integrates a number of therapeutic approaches according to clients’ needs and preferences, including intersectional justice-focused frameworks, positive and strengths-based psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapies, mindfulness and self-compassion techniques, trauma recovery models, and attachment theory.

In hir free time, Juno enjoys various self-proclaimed geeky pursuits, including tabletop gaming. Sie also loves making playlists, creative writing, and baking sweets. Given hir complete devotion to the life-giving capacities of coffee, sie is jazzed about being so close to Seattle.