Chris Engelmann, MA (he/his/him)

Chris EnglemannDoctoral Intern

I am currently a doctoral intern originally from San Mateo, California. I have spent the last few years working towards my Ph.D. at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, in Pasadena California, where I have earned my master’s degree. I previously attended Whitworth University in Spokane Washington where I met my partner and we are both excited to be moving back to the wonderful state of Washington! We also have a wonderful (yet shy) dog and love going on hikes, playing board games, and engaging in sporting activities.

My style of therapy is based on a relational psychodynamic approach and I have developed a deep passion for providing psychological services with college students and young adults. I have worked with college students for a number of years at various locations, and value an integrative approach to therapy where I address an individual’s multicultural and developmental identities. I prioritize the developmental and relational needs of each student, considering the whole person as I work collaboratively to help students reach their goals. Additionally, I have found that emphasizing an individual’s emotional pains while at the same time addressing their strengths, cultural identities, and sense of self can lead to a greater authentic expression and an ability to process past or current relational or emotional challenges. This leads to therapy becoming a process where a person can learn more about themselves and build towards relating and experiencing life the way they want to live.