Dining Dollars Bank: Requesting Dining Dollars Support

The Dining Dollars Bank is a resource created and maintained by a partnership of Dining and Conference Services, ASUPS, and the Division of Student Affairs.  It's meant to be an end-of-semester resource for those students who are not financially able to replenish their Dining Dollars, or who don't have the financial means to get adequate groceries.

If you meet these very general criteria, please read on below for how to make a request for support.  We also encourage you to remember that the Campus Food Pantry is available to all students, and is a self-serve, easily accessible option for canned, dry, and limited fresh food options.  More information is available at the Food Pantry website.

How to Request Dining Dollars:

To make requesting Dining Dollars easier this year, three of our campus leaders are holding special office hours, listed below.  Take a look at what's available, and then email or call the person you want to meet with to reserve a time.    If none of the hours work, you can still contact us (at the phone #s below) to arrange an appointment.  The meetings are brief (10-15 minutes) to briefly check in, think about additional possible resources, and handle the transfer process - and any questions.

Sarah Shives, Laneka Viney, or Dave Wright are able to meet about Dining Dollar requests at the following days or times.  Please email (or call) to request a time, so that we can make sure we're available.

Sarah Shives, WSC208, Assistant Dean of Students (253.879.3360 to make an appointment)

email: sshives@pugetsound.edu 

Wednesday 12/11 -- Noon-2pm

Friday 12/13 -- 2-3pm
Monday 12/16 -- 10-11am
Tuesday 12/17 -- 11am-Noon
Wednesday 12/18 -- Noon-2pm
Thursday 12/19 -- 9-10am

Laneka Viney, WSC205, ASUPS Director of Student Interests (253.879.3600 to make an appointment)

email: asupsdsi@pugetsound.edu 

Mondays (12/9 & 12/16) -- 4-5pm
Tuesdays (12/10 & 12/17) -- 10am-Noon
Wednesdays (12/11 & 12/18) -- 4-5pm
Thursdays (12/12 & 12/19) -- 4-5pm

Dave Wright, WSC219, University Chaplain (253.879.3322 to make an appointment)

 email: dwright@pugetsound.edu

Friday (12/6) -- 3:30-5pm

Mondays (12/9 & 12/16) -- 11am-Noon, 4-5pm
Tuesdays (12/10 & 12/17) -- 10-11am, 2-3pm
Thursdays (12/12 & 12/19) -- 1-3pm
Friday (12/13) -- 10-11am, 1-2pm
Wednesday (12/18) -- 1030-1130am
Friday (12/20) -- 10-11am