If you enjoy taking pictures and want to have them featured in CICE publications such as newsletters, magazines, posters, and more, email them to! There is more information at the bottom of this page.

CICE Event Promotion

The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) Promotions team supports our CICE student and professional staff teams as well as the Student Diversity Clubs in publicizing their events, clubs, and opportunities.

The CICE Promotions team is a creative resource! We are available to highlight events, clubs and opportunities with a purpose of raising awareness and providing education around topics related to civic engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Whether you want a poster designed and distributed, your event publicized on social media, or would like a team member to film your event, you have come to the right place! We can do all of that and more! Let's get started!

For questions, please contact or 253.879.2751.


Production Schedules

We want your event or opportunity to be a success as much as you do! To help us make that happen, please review the production schedule below. The general guidelines listed indicate the time in which we need to receive your original request in order to have adequate time to meet your needs.

For questions about our production schedule and timelines, we invite you to contact us at

1 week - Social media post, campus calendar
2 weeks - Videographer requests
3 weeks - Posters, newsletter feature
6 weeks - CICE Magazine feature

Do you have another communications or event promotion project in mind that you do not see listed here and you want our help? Email us! We are happy to help!

Please fill out the request form(s) that best meet your needs.

CICE Promotions Project Request Form

Request a CICE Videographer

Share Your Event!

We are excited to help you publicize your upcoming event or opportunity! Our CICE Promotions team can help with any or all of the following:

  • Poster design, printing, and distribution. (Please note that if you are requesting posters for your SDC club, we will notify you when the poster is ready for pickup from the Student Diversity Center office.)
  • Promoting your event or opportunity in the Yellow House Happenings weekly newsletter, on the campus calendar, and via our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Featuring your event or opportunity in the next edition of the CICE Magazine.

Connect with the CICE Promotions team member by submitting the CICE Promotions Project Request Form. Once we receive your form, a team member will confirm your request and contact you if we have any questions or additional needs to complete your request.

If any changes have been made to your event or your event has been cancelled. Please contact as soon as possible.


Request a Videographer!

Did you know that you can request a CICE Videographer to come to your next event or help you visualize your next idea? You may also choose to film your event for promotional use or documentation or you may want to share your next great idea through the art of film. The CICE Promotions team can help!

To request our CICE Videographer to film your next event or opportunity, please fill out our CICE Videographer Request Form. Once we receive your form, our super fantastic Videographer will confirm your request and contact you if they have any questions or additional needs to complete your request.

If any changes have been made to your event or your event has been cancelled. Please contact as soon as possible.

Yellow House Happenings

Our Yellow House Happenings newsletter is filled with exciting on-campus and off-campus activities related to promoting intercultural awareness, interfaith or religious events, contributing your time and talents to your local community, and more. Check out past and present CICE and CICE partner events in our upcoming gallery of Yellow House Happenings.

To receive the next edition, request to be added to the Yellow House Happenings email list here.

CICE Magazine

The CICE Magazine dives event deeper into CICE's role on campus, collaboration in the community and on-campus, and the Yellow House as a whole. We issue the CICE Magazine two times per semester. 

Check out the CICE Magazine here.


If you take pictures often and are looking to have them featured in CICE publications, we would love to add your great photos to the collection! We strive to include campus community members in our publications, and if you wish to send us your photos, you might see them in Yellow House Happenings, posters, or other promotional visuals. You will be credited! To contribute to the CICE collection, please email your photo(s) to in .jpg or .pdf format. Thank you so much!