Spirituality, Diversity, & Civic Engagement

The Center for Intercultural & Civic Engagement 

What will you find at the Yellow House?


The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement works to: create space to raise awareness of and educate students on social justice issues and diversity; foster identity development, support and advocate for and with underrepresented and minoritized students/groups; and connect students to the Tacoma community through civic engagement.

The CICE team is excited that you're considering joining our campus community!  There is general information about each of our program areas below, but we've also created special info page just for you: CICE Welcome for Admitted Students

The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE), otherwise known as "The Yellow House," is the home for three different campus programs:

Intercultural Engagement

This office works to promote an inclusive learning environment for all students, especially those from underrepresented populations (according to race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and gender identity).

Civic Engagement & Social Justice

This office serves as the connection between the campus community and our city of Tacoma. Through civic engagement opportunities, students get connected with non-profits and community partners to address topics from immediate needs to social justice work; voter engagement; and, other civic-based engagement opportunities

Spirituality & Religious Life

This office helps students interested in exploring their spiritual growth through religious tradition and beyond.

Where do I find the Yellow House?

The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement is the yellow house that you can see across the parking lot outside Wheelock Student Center. The street address is 3219 N. 13th Avenue. What will you find at the Yellow House?