Wednesdays @ 6 p.m.

Fall 2019 Programs: Civic Engagement, Religion &..., Speak Out Loud, & Tan Lines!

Wednesdays @ 6pm is a weekly program run by the Center for Intercultural & Civic Engagement (CICE) which offers students a wide variety of ways to connect with their own identities, with community, and with pertinent social issues through interactive workshops, peer-facilitated conversations, lectures, and panel discussion. Each Wednesdays @ 6pm program highlights a piece of CICE's work and is convened by one of the branches of the Yellow House: civic engagement, religion/spirituality/ethics, intercultural engagement, & race and gender through the lens of women of color.

  • Civic Engagement programming varies widely as do the many ways students can encounter the world around them and be involved in prosocial ways. This ranges from engaging the political system and volunteering, to thinking about the historical systems that shape our world.
  • Religion &... is a monthly discussion of varying interfaith topics for the purpose of informing, engaging, and incorporating ideas of spirituality, faith, ethics, or morals into your life.
  • Speak Out Loud is a student-led, educational, and engaging dialogue on various topics tied to identity and social justice issues.
  • Tan Lines features mouthy, millenial women of color sipping, serving, and spilling the tea. This event will be talk-show style with panelists engaging with one another on a topic/theme, and intermittently, with the audience for Q&A and continued conversation.

Wednesdays @ 6pm are usually located in the Social Justice Center at 3224 N. 13th St. Occasionally, they take place in the Rotunda or Trimble Forum.

Past Wednesdays @ 6pm have included:

  • Hawaiian Sovereignty: Separate From the United States (Civic Engagement)
  • Being Active in Your Community Beyond Election Day (Civic Engagement)
  • Diwali Celebration (Religion &...)
  • Sex: An Open Conversation (Religion &...)
  • Cultural Appropriation and Halloween (Speak Out Loud)
  • What Non-Black People of Color Owe to the Civil Rights Movement (Speak Out Loud)

To get more information about an event, email, check out posters around campus detailing the events, or stop in to the Yellow House at 3219 N. 13th St. to learn more!