Student Diversity Center & Social Justice Center Reservations

The Student Diversity Centers support student success through development of programs that honor & uplift the wide range of students' ethnicity, race, gender, religion, and LGBTQ+ identities; collaboration among student groups; and integration of students into the campus learning community. We hope that the SDC & SJC provides you and your organization a welcoming space for identity-based solidarity, social justice work, and campus community building. Take a virtual tour of the spaces to familiarize yourself!

Please reserve the Student Diversity Center and/or The Social Justice Center spaces through 25Live. Instructions:

Spaces and Capacities

Student Diversity Center (SDC) – Blue House

  • Living Room, 20 (includes tv and couches)
  • Conference Room, 10 (includes small conference table and chairs and white board)
  • A kitchenette and bathroom is also available for use

Social Justice Center (SJC) – Sage House

  • Great Room, 30 (includes moveable tables and chairs, projector and screen, podium, one desk and chair)
  • Meditation Room, 10 (includes altar, meditation cushions, and separate outside entrance)
  • A full kitchen is also available for use and is reserved for the group when the Great Room has been reserved.

Patio – between SDC and SJC

  • 20 people