Lavender Graduates 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020, Lavender Graduates! 

Aden Mortensen, English
Alex King, Psychology
Aliah McCord, Politics and Government and Spanish
Alison Mim Mack, Psychology and Business Administration
Andee Rorabaugh, Psychology
Anna Anderson, Psychology
Aviv York, Mathematics and Computer Science
Brandi Kawena Saunders, English
Bret, Computer Science and Japanese
Bronte Segura, Japanese Language and Literature and Gender and Queer Studies
Cassidy Magrath, Psychology
Castor Rosencrantz Kent, Classical Studies, Religious Studies, and Theatre Arts
Emily Harden, History
Emma Catanzaro, Theatre Arts and English
Frances Smyth, Classical Studies
Georgia Bonds Abele, Psychology
Hanah Greene, Exercise Science
Jake Pogorek, Psychology and Philosophy Minor
Katherine Gladhart-Hayes, Science, Technology, and Society
Katherine Moley, Business Administration
Kathryn White, Biology
Kieran Allison, Psychology
Kristen Ahn, Business and Economics
Laure Mounts, Classical Studies
Lou Lief, German Studies
Matthew Bell, Politics and Government
Maya Sealander, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Melissa Lim, Psychology
Nia Mkela Henderson, Psychology
Nina Kranzdorf, Psychology
Odhan Mullen, History and Gender & Queer Studies
RaeAnn Allen, Communication Studies
Sara Winland, M.Ed Counseling
Sam Kaplan, Philosophy
Simone Moore, Psychology
Soli Loya-Lara, Sociology & Anthropology
Susanna Schuler, Hispanic Studies
Taylor Salois, Communication Studies
Tyler Araquistain, Psychology
Zoe Maalouf, Politics and Government, Chinese Language and Culture

Faculty & Staff Recognition:
Honorary Lavender Graduates
- Dr. Adrian J. Villicana, Assistant Professor of Psychology
- Sam Harwood, Resident Director 

Lavender Graduates,

you don’t have to 
hide anymore love
you can come out
and play
you don’t have to 
pry anymore love
you can just exist 
through the looking glass 
as you reflect
on the pass of days 
a constant metamorphic
a never ending masquerade 
it’s already within 
no matter what you portray 
the pressure 
ever so grueling
go at your own pace 

​- Mu Knowles '20