Graduates of Color 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020, Graduates of Color! 

Undergraduate Programs

Allison Rualo, Exercise Science
Allyson Niitani, International Political Economy
Alvin Johnson, Business
Angela Caldwell, Natural Science Biology
Ariel Rangel Castro, Business Administration
Audrey Burg, Business Administration
Blake Alexandra Bouligny, Business Administration
Brandi Kawena Saunders, English
Christy Chen, Chinese and Japanese
Daniel Heidari, Spanish
Danielle Rodriguez, Business and Economics
Darren Yeun, Business Leadership Program
Elsa Salido, Natural Science - Biology
Emma Schintz, Psychology
Erica Greening, African American Studies
Ethan Goldizen, Exercise Science
Ethan Okimoto, Business
Franz Mangonon, International Political Economy
George Jackson IV, African American Studies
Gordon Zhang, Psychology and Japanese
Grace Maria Eberhardt, Biology and African American Studies
Holden Chen, Philosophy and Chinese
Isabel Mejia Natividad, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Isabella Faith, Comparative Politics and Religion
Jenna Alvarez, International Business
Jenna Llamas, Exercise Science
Jewell Day, Computer Science and Mathematics
Joana Kerr Ramos, Spanish Culture and Literature and Communication Studies, and Latino/a Studies Minor
Katharine Threat, Art History and English
Kavanaugh Kaji, Biology
Kristen Ahn, Business and Economics
Lily Bryan, Psychology
Lisa Owen, Economics
Lukas Jimenez-Smith, Computer Science
Maddie Lecce, Natural Science - Biology
Mara Henderson, African American Studies, Environmental Policy and Decision Making
Mariana Sanchez Castillo, Sociology & Anthropology, Environmental Policy and Decision Making
Marissa Oda, Psychology
Mason Quinlan, Business Administration
Mauricio Mendez Rivera, Politics and Government (US) and Hispanic Studies
Melissa Lim, Psychology
Meylin Serrano, Economics and Business Minor
Miles Carson, Business & Economics
Nia Mkela Henderson, Psychology
Nikki Tom, Psychology
Priyanki Jitendra Vora, Molecular and Cellular Biology and History
Ruyuan Cheng, Exercise Science
Ryota Nishino, Business Administration
Sanjay Kambhatla, Sociology & Anthropology
Shane Kaneshiro, Exercise Science
Shreeti Patel, Biochemistry
Siena Brown, English
Simone Moore, Psychology
Soli Loya-Lara, Sociology & Anthropology
Spencer Monahan, Sociology & Anthropology
Stacey Yee, Exercise Science
Tammy Smith, Sociology & Anthropology
Timothy Lu, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chinese Language and Culture
Tricia Lin, Exercise Science and Japanese Minor
Tyler Araquistain, Psychology
Veronica Lewis, Exercise Science
Vrindi Van Osdol, Psychology
Winnie Lee, Economics and Business Leadership Program
Zachary Gelacio, Business Administration and Economics
Zara Bagasol, Music and Psychology

Graduate Programs

Anna Marie Chang, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Darrin Moy, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Isaac Aguilar, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Jean Lewis, Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling
Jonathan Montaño, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Kristine Guico Felix, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Lawrena Meach, Master of Education
Marcus Oei, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Michael Wong, Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling
Priscilla Gollen, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Song Dan Vo, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Wanda Meuy Koy Saechin, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Faculty & Staff Recognition

Influential Faculty of Color Award
- Dr. Ariela Tubert, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Professor of Philosophy
- Dr. Erin Colbert-White, Associate Professor of Psychology

Behind the Scenes Superstar Staff Award
- Dr. Khalila Fordham, Psychologist/Multicultural Support Specialist