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Recognition, Education & Celebration

Recognition, Education & Celebration

We offer a number of programs, including: campus-wide recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Japanese Internment during WWII; and, identity-based graduation events: Graduates of Color and Lavender Graduation.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The Office of Intercultural Engagement works with multiple student-led identity-based and social justice organizations.

LGBTQ+ Resources at Puget Sound

LGBTQ+ Resources at Puget Sound

We have been a proud pioneer for queer inclusion since the late 1980s. Through dedicated efforts of our staff, faculty and students, LGBTQ+ awareness remains a relevant topic on campus. Today, our campus scores 4.5 stars (83%) in an independent LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate survey sponsored…

The Office of Intercultural Engagement

Our Student Diversity Center and Social Justice Center (SDC & SJC) houses are located on 13th & Lawrence. They are directly across from the Center for Student Support (The Yellow House), and are blue and sage-colored, respectively. 

Check out the Student Diversity Centers in this virtual tour!

Check out the On-Campus Food Pantry and the Lending Library located in the Student Diversity Center. 

Our Mission

The Office of Intercultural Engagement works to promote a supportive learning environment for all students, especially those from underrepresented or marginalized identities & backgrounds (including, but not limited to: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, documentation status, and first-generation college students). The services provided by the OIE strive to enhance personal awareness and agency; interpersonal and intercultural understanding; and skills to contribute to our campus’ values of inclusion and equity.

Students, Staff, and Faculty Contribute to Diversity at the University of Puget Sound

Each campus community member's race, ethnicity, culture, spiritual or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, abilities, among a myriad of other identities, contribute to an individual’s unique sense of self and place. The OIE believes in the importance of cultivating individual identities, solidarity within shared identities, allyship across identities, as well as the need for intercultural education - the sharing of knowledge and learning across diverse groups and populations. 

Commitment to Equity and Social Justice

OIE works in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to provide opportunities that advocate for self-discovery and awareness, reflection, understanding difference, and collective action toward inclusion. Programs and resources include coordination of the Student Diversity Center and Social Justice Center; support for social justice and identity-based student organizations; and, implementation of educational and social programs to promote intercultural learning, community-building, and activism.