Campus Lending Library

The Campus Lending Library loans course materials to UPS students, free of charge.

Lending library materials will be available during the Spring 2021 semester, whether or not you are living on campus. 

We will again use an online ordering system, as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.  Browse the catalog of available books here.  Note that the catalog has separate tabs for Humanities, STEM, Social Science, and Language classes, as well as Novels. Press Control-F (PC) or Command-F (Mac) to search for specific titles or authors within each tab.

Then request items using this form.  You will need to sign in to your Puget Sound G Suite Account. We will confirm your reservation of the items by email.

If you will be living in Tacoma during the Spring 2021 semester, pick up your books from the Student Diversity Center (3216 N. 13th Street).  We will place them in a paper bag with your name on it, just inside the back door of the building. 

If you are living outside of Tacoma during the Spring 2021 semester, we will mail the books to you at the address you provide in the request form, free of charge. 

Please return all borrowed material to the Student Diversity Center when you are done with them and next return to campus.

Note that some books may be in short supply this semester, if they were mailed to out-of-town students last semester. We will do our best to fill requests. If a book you need is not available through the Lending Library, try asking the academic department offering the course if they have any extra textbooks you could borrow. 

Email if you have questions or need assistance!

As a campus community we strive to promote the well-being and success of all of our students. To help defray the costs of course materials, the Center for Student Support hosts an on-campus lending library. The lending library presents an opportunity for students to borrow  academic books and textbooks for classes free of charge.  It also presents an opportunity for students to support their fellow Loggers by donating used books to the collection.

We respect the identities and backgrounds of all members on this campus, and we strive to make this lending library a welcoming place for all who need its contents. 

The lending library is located in the Student Diversity Center (3216 N. 13th Street), but please use the request system explained above rather than pulling books directly from the shelves. 

For questions, comments, and information about donating to the lending library, please email us at