Trans & Non-Binary Housing

Residence Life at the University of Puget Sound affirms the gender identity of all residents. Residence Life will always recognize and respect the stated gender of a student. Every attempt is made to match students to housing that fits their unique and individual needs as they relate to their personal gender identity and expression. 


Trans and Non-Binary Housing for New Students

Students who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or outside of traditional gender identity or expression definitions are invited to tell Residence Life in their own words their gender identity. Using the housing application for new students, students should indicate in the final question they have more information for Residence Life they would like considered in their housing placement. The Assistant Director for Residence Life Operations will contact each individual regarding their specific needs or concerns. Any questions about the housing application may be directed to Students who inform Residence Life of their gender identity in a timely manner will be housed in keeping with their gender identity/expression, considering the needs of the student.


Trans and Non-Binary Housing for Continuing Students

Since the fall semester of 2016, Residence Life has provided a themed housing option for continuing students known as the Trans & Non-Binary House. This house is under the advisement and mentorship of a staff member trained and well versed in current best practice in supporting trans and gender non-conforming students. In addition, one or more other less public housing options are available for students who prefer to live in community with other non-cisgender students, and do not wish to live in the theme house. Each of these communities is composed of single rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Special care is taken in the hiring process for the student staff Resident Community Coordinator (RCC) responsible for this community. 

Please note, single rooms are all assessed at the premium rate. A meal plan is not required for students living in campus houses, however a meal plan is required for students living in Trimble hall. Read more about housing rates

Students interested in applying for this theme house or private community should contact the residence life office at