Residential Storage Guidelines


You are ELIGIBLE to place boxes into storage over the summer if your plans match one of the following scenarios:

  • Returning to ON-campus housing for the next academic year
  • Studying abroad for the fall semester or entire upcoming academic year


You are NOT ELIGIBLE to place boxes into storage over the summer if your plans match one of the following scenarios: 

  • Graduating this semester
  • Living OFF campus next semester
  • Taking a leave of absence for the next semester
  • Planning to transfer or withdraw from the university before the beginning of next semester



  • Meet with the appropriate staff member for storage access during one of the designated times (or by appointment made 24 hours in advance) 
  • Show your Puget Sound ID to the staff member helping you access storage 
  •  All items must be in sealed, shippable boxes
  •  No freestanding items, rolled carpets, bikes or other valuables may be stored (no computers, TVs, fridges, other large appliances)
  •  Each person may store up to 5 boxes
  •  Each box must be no larger than 4’x 4’ and weigh no more than 70 lbs
  • Each box must be sealed with packing tape and labeled with a Puget Sound storage label (provided for you).  Storage labels must be filled out completely with all contact information
  • Log your information into the provided Storage Inventory Log, noting the date and # of boxes placed in storage
  • Fill out and sign the provided carbon storage agreement form



If you plan on being part of the limited number of approved early arrivals and need access to storage, new in 2014 there will be limited space available in one storage unit in Todd/Phibbs 144A, available to access before continuing student move-in. Please plan accordingly, and store your items in the south first floor storage unit by contacting the staff on-call for that area during finals week storage admit times. Items stored in any other location on campus will NOT be accessible to early arrival students (Residence Life student staff exempt).  

Typical approved early arrivals include:

  • Student athletes
  • Summer orientation staff
  • Select Dining and Conference Services staff