Residential Facilities Open for Spring Term 1/14/2017

Residential Facilities Open for Spring Term 1/14/2017

Residence halls open January 14 for all returning students. Read below for storage access times to all our communities.

Residential Storage Information

Residence Life is able to provide limited storage to students living on campus on a first-come, first-served basis to students during the summer. Storage areas are designated in each community based on space and availability. Students using on campus storage must agree to the terms of on-campus storage, acknowledging they understand the university is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of their stored belongings.  

To store or retrieve items, students should contact the appropriate Res Life team member on call during designated storage access times


You are ELIGIBLE to place boxes into storage over the summer if your plans match one of the following scenarios:

  • Returning to ON-campus housing for 2016-2017
  • Studying abroad for the fall 2016 semester or entire 2016-2017 year


You are NOT ELIGIBLE to place boxes into storage over the summer if your plans match one of the following scenarios:

  • Graduating this semester (May 2016)
  • Living OFF campus for 2016-2017
  • Taking a leave of absence for the fall 2016 semester
  • Planning to transfer or withdraw from the university before the fall 2016 semester


How to store your items

If you are eligible to store items on in on campus storage, please review the options for storing your items:

Residence Life schedules specific storage access times over finals week for students who meet these eligibility guidelines to store up to five boxes, no larger than 4'x4'x4' each, or more than 70lbs each. Space is limited, and will fill fast.

Please review the residential storage guidelines for more information about storage eligibility and guidelines.


Fall Early Arrival Storage

If you plan on being part of the limited number of approved early arrivals and need access to storage there will be limited space available in one storage unit in Todd/Phibbs 144A available to access before continuing student move-in. Please plan accordingly, and store your items in the south first floor storage unit by contacting the staff on-call for that area during finals week storage admit times. Items stored in any other location on campus will NOT be accessible to early arrival students (Residence Life student staff exempt).  

Typical approved early arrivals include:

  • Student athletes
  • Summer orientation staff

  • Select Dining and Conference Services staff 


Students who are NOT approved to move-in to campus early will not have access to stored items over the summer until campus reopens for returning students August 26, 2016. 


Accessing Storage Fall Opening

Students who stored items, including bicycles, in residential storage for the summer should pick up those items over the weekend of August 26-28. Residence Life has scheduled specific storage access times during this weekend, and students will not be able to retrieve items outside of these scheduled access times. 

For students arriving early who did not store their items in Residence Life's early arrival storage room T/P 144A, please contact an RA, RCC, or GHC for that building to request an appointment. Per Residence Life’s storage guidelines, students are not guaranteed access to storage units prior to August 26. Please be advised RAs, RCCs, GHCs will be in training and unavailable 9am-5pm 8/15-8/25. 


Winter Storage Eligibility

You are ELIGIBLE to place boxes into storage for winter break/spring semester if you are:

  • Currently living in campus housing and studying abroad for Spring 2016
  • Plan on returning to campus housing Fall 2016


Accessing Storage Spring Opening

Please contact the staff member for your area to schedule an appointment during the weekend of January 16-18 to access your stored belongings. Due to the high volume of returning students to Commencement, storage access times are scheduled to access items stored in Regester hall for those living in Commencement. 


If you have questions about storage access, please contact your Residence Life student leader or call the Residence Life office at 253.879.3317.