Spring 2020 Storage Information

For the remainder of Spring 2020, we will offer storage to students living on campus within the residence halls. If you live in a campus house, please contact either Regester/ Seward or Todd/ Phibbs. If you live in a Greek house, please contact your Greek organization for options. Storage will be limited to 3 boxes per student. 

We will offer limited bike storage while spaces last in Oppenheimer, Schiff, Todd/Phibbs, and Trimble. 

Storage will be limited to the times below; outside of those times we cannot accommodate getting in or out of storage. Below you will find the eligibility and storage guidelines.

Access dates and times: March 13 - March 21, 1 - 3 p.m. and 8 - 10 p.m.

Anderson/Langdon: 253.533.1012
Schiff/Harrington: 253.533.1012
Regester/ Seward and Thomas: 253.533.1200
Smith/Oppenheimer: 253.533.1035
Todd/Phibbs: 253.533.1200
Trimble: 253.533.1035


You are eligible to place boxes into storage over spring if you are:

  • Returning to ON-campus housing for the upcoming year
  • Studying abroad for the Fall semester or entire academic year

You are not eligible to place boxes into storage over the summer if you are:

  • Graduating this semester 
  • Living OFF campus next year
  • Taking a leave of absence for the upcoming semester
  • Planning to transfer or withdraw from the university before the upcoming semester

Storage Guidelines

  • All items must be in sealed, shippable boxes
  • No freestanding items, rolled carpets, desk chair or other valuables may be stored (no computers, TVs, fridges, other large appliances, etc.)
  • Each student may store up to 3 boxes
  • Each box must be no larger than 3'x3'x3' and weigh no more than 70 lbs
  • Each box must be sealed with packing tape and labeled with a Puget Sound storage label (provided for you).  Storage labels must be filled out completely with all contact information.
  • Residence Life is not responsible for lost or damaged items. 

By agreeing to store with University of Puget Sound Residence life, you are agreeing to the below;

I agree that I have correctly followed the university storage terms and conditions as outlined by the Residence Life staff.  I understand that my boxes of belongings may remain in the designated storage area of this residential facility until the month and year noted above while I am away for the summer or studying abroad.  I understand that any belongings not claimed after this time will be disposed of by the university.  I understand that if I failed to store my belongings according to the university storage terms and conditions, these items will be disposed of by the university.  I understand that I will not be able to retrieve my stored belongings until the scheduled storage access times provided by the Residence Life staff and that I will not be provided with special accommodations to remove my belongings outside of the scheduled access times.  I understand that I should not store any belongings that I may need immediately upon my return to campus, as I may not be able to immediately access storage upon my return.  I understand that the university is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of my stored belongings.