Spring 2021 Move-out and Check-out Process

Below, you will find information about the Spring 2021 move-out and check-out processes for all on-campus residents. Please review this information carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your RA, RCC, GHC, or the Puget Sound Residence Life Office at reslife@pugetsound.edu or (253) 879-3317. 

Leaving Campus and Check-out Process

All non-graduating students must have completed a proper check out and be completely moved out of their on-campus residence by noon on Saturday, May 15. Only students approved for a late check-out by Residence Life are permitted to stay beyond May 15. Students are permitted to leave at any time during finals week, as long as they have been approved for check-out by their RA/RCC/GHC.

Before departing campus, all on-campus residents are required to make a check-out appointment with their Resident Advisor (RA), Resident Community Coordinator (RCC), or Greek House Coordinator (GHC). Residents will receive an email on Monday, May 3rd, with a link to sign up for a check-out appointment with their RA,RCC,GHC. Residents leaving prior to May 3 should check-in with their RA, RCC, or GHC, to schedule an earlier check out appointment.

During this appointment, residents should have completed the check out form, should expect a room inspection and to hand in any residential keys assigned to them. Failure to check-out with your RA/RCC/GHC will result in an improper check out fee. Failure to turn in keys will result in a $25.00 key replacement fee.

Residents are allowed up to two move-out helpers of their choosing to assist with transporting items out of their residence. All students and their helpers are required to wear a face mask at all times and should limit time spent in residences to a minimum. Parents, family members, friends, and other helpers are not permitted to spend the night in on-campus residences.

Students should double-check their final exam schedule with their professors to ensure they will have all exams/assignments completed on time. 

Detailed instructions and move-out expectations will be shared at your community meeting (see schedule below).

Check-out Expectations

Residents should expect a detailed Check-Out list to be posted on their room door by Wednesday, May 5.

Before a resident meets with their RA/RCC/GHC for their scheduled check-out appointment, they are expected to complete the move-out list. The entire room must be cleared of everything except university-owned furniture. Students may not leave garbage, recyclables, donations of any kind, non-university furniture, common area items (e.g. dishes), wall decorations, or carpets/rugs. 

If students leave items in their room, they will be charged a $75 improper check-out fee assessed directly to their student account. 

Community Meeting Schedules

Information about check-out expectations will be available at required Community Meetings, by area, on the following dates and times:

  • South Quad (Seward and Regester Halls)
    • Sunday, April 25; 3-4pm, 5-6pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm (students can choose which to attend)
  •  North Quad (Smith, Schiff, and Anderson-Langdon Halls)
    • Sunday, April 25, 6pm-7pm
    • Sunday, May 2, 7pm-8pm
  • TOT (Trimble, Oppenheimer, and Thomas Halls)
    • Scheduled individually by suite, flat, or floor

Disposal, Recycling, Donations

For any items that students are not taking with them at check-out, students can choose to dispose of or donate items in the following ways:

Garbage: Large bins and dumpsters will be available at designated points throughout campus – near residence halls and Greek houses – for items that cannot be donated or recycled. The university asks that students are mindful of items that can be recycled or repurposed and that those are separated accordingly.

Recycling: Paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic packaging can be recycled in large bins and dumpsters in these same areas. For a list of acceptable items for recycling, please see Recycling on Campus

Donations: Campus partners will gladly take new and gently-used items for donation. (Donation bins will be available near garbage and recycling sites on campus).

  • Grizz's Garage accepts Logger gear, dorm items, textbooks, and other items that students can use on campus during their time at Puget Sound. Any items donated that cannot be repurposed for Grizz' Garage will be donated to a local area charity.
  • Operation Save! accepts items for donation to Tacoma-area charities and organizations in need of clothing, household products, and bedding.
  • The Logger Store will be hosting its book buyback event between May 10 and May 15, from 9am to 4pm each day. Books can also be donated to the Logger Store if they don't qualify for buyback. 

Policies and Fees

All students are required to follow directions from the Residence Life staff and turn in their residential key(s) to their RA/RCC/GHC upon check-out. Keys that are not returned upon check-out, as well as keys that are mailed back to campus at a later date, will be assessed a $25 fee per key, charged directly to a student's account. 

Students in traditional residence halls who fail to properly check out will be assessed an improper check-out fee of $75, charged directly to their account.

For students in on-campus houses, Thomas Hall flats, and Trimble suites, all residents within that house/flat/suite may be charged up to $75 per person if common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.) do not meet check-out requirements. It is highly recommended that students in shared living set-ups agree on a cleaning schedule and move-out procedures to ensure that residents are not assessed an improper check-out fee.


All students wishing to store items on campus during Summer 2021 must have a completed and approved online application. Upon approval, students will only be permitted to store boxes within the size and quantity guidelines given.

Detailed information about on-campus Summer 2021 storage options has been made available to all students. Please review these details carefully before applying. 

Off-campus storage options can be found here