South Quad High Five Report

South Quad High Five Report

South Quad High Five Report

Please take a moment to fill this form out to keep your supervisor updated on the going-ons for you (on the off weeks when you won't meet with your supervisor)

  • How are people connecting? Is there anyone who could use some extra support? Are there people I should be aware of how cool they are? Any students of concern?

  • Are there any issues with the facilities? Any outstanding work orders?

  • What is the climate of the group? Who have you connected with lately? Anyone who has been especially supportive of you? Anyone you have been supporting? What are you doing to sustain the connection from training?

  • You could start this off with a scale of 1-10 score, and then maybe elaborate. Is there anything you would like to share with me? Anything I should follow up with you in person about?

  • This is just a space to let me know how I can be of support for you.

  • This follow up can include getting more information from you, checking in on a student, touching base with other professional staff, etc.