RHA Executive Appointment

Each spring, the current RHA Executive Board slates a new RHA Exec Team to take the helm beginning in August. This slated team is presented to the General Council. Below you will find important information about the appointment process for the 2020-2021 academic year.  



February 7th: Applications available online

February 21st: Applications close

March 5: Candidates attend General Council

March 9th-13th: Individual interviews

March 23rd- 27th: New Executive Board announces

University of Puget Sound offers five Resident Hall Association executive positions:

The process will work as follows: application materials will be submitted to and reviewed by the Executive Board. Each applicant will then have an interview with the Executive Board and RHA Advisors. The Executive Team will then nominate the five candidates it sees most fit to sit on the Executive Board. All candidates are required to attended the March 5th General Council to be introduced to all Hall Governments. Hall Governments will then have the opportunity to weigh in on candidates.

Candidates will schedule to have individual interviews with members from the RHA Executive Board and the RHA advisors. After careful consideration, the RHA Executive will appoint and announce the new RHA Executive Board during the week of March 23rd- 27th.


Minimum Requirements

 The following requirements must be met in order for a candidate to be considered eligible for election:

  •  Elected officials must live on campus (including on-campus houses and Greek houses) for the entire academic year following the election (2020-2021). 
  • Candidates must hold a minimum 2.5 GPA throughout the elections process and their term as an executive officer.
  • Elected officials cannot be a member of the Residence Life student leadership team (RAs, RCCs or GHCs) during the year in which they serve their term.

RHA seeks candidates who show an expressed passion for and commitment to enhancing the residential experience at Puget Sound. Due to the training commitments of these positions, Candidates who are or will be on Residence Life team (including RAs, RPAs, RCCs, or GHCs) and students selected to work during  fall orientation (i.e. Passages and Perspectives leaders) are ineligible to apply.


RHA Position Descriptions


Compensation: Half room remission

  • The President shall preside over all the General Council meetings
  • Construct committees and appoint their Chairs
  • Act as the spokesperson for RHA, 
  • The President may sit on any committees that will affect the RHAconstituency, which may include meetings
  • with the President of the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound, the Residence Life Professional staff, and the Dean’s Council. 
  • The President also is responsible for checking and responding to emails sent to the RHA email account, rha@pugetsound.edu.
  • Shall lead RHA regular Executive Board meetings and other meetings as needed.
  • To develop an agenda for RHA Executive Board and RHA General Council meetings.
  • To maintain knowledge and serve as a resource on parliamentary procedure 
  • To conduct RHA Executive Board and RHA General Council meetings in an orderly and efficient manner. 
  • To serve as a voting member of the RHA Executive Board, only in the event of a tie. 
  • To lead President’s meetings, to the discretion of how often and when by the President. 
  • Presidents meetings shall happen no fewer than once a month.
  • To coordinate organized records, the share drive, and all other RHA Executive Board records at the end of the year for transition.


National Communications Coordinator (NCC)

Compensation: Quarter room remission

  • NCC should ensure programmers are implementing campus programs. 
  • The NCC shall lead programming meetings, to the discretion of how often and when by the NCC.
  • Programming meetings shall happen no fewer than once a month.
  • The NCC shall be responsible for administering participation in and attendance at all conferences deemed prudent by the Executive Board. 
  • The NCC will serve as a liaison between Regional and National Hall organizations. In addition, the NCC will help with the planning and implementation of programs and events throughout the year. 
  • The NCC will keep the Executive Board informed and aware of conference information and materials, including award bids. 
  • NCC shall maintain the annual membership in good standing at the University of Puget Sound with NACURH.
  • To report all NACURH and PACURH matters to the RHA. 
  • To attend all major conferences (regional and national) according to budget and facilitate all conference registration 
  • To coordinate and review regional and national bids. 
  • To maintain knowledge and serve as a resource on parliamentary procedure. 
    To send “Of The Month’s” (OTM’s) to the Regional Board of Directors at PACURH, when NRHH is an active membership. 
  • To oversee the training of the NCC in training (NCC-IT) which will include: attending NACURH (when budgeting allows), assisting in submitting regional OTM’s, assisting in writing bids (when submitting), assisting in conference registration, and other duties as deemed fit by the NCC and RHA Advisor. 
  • Shall be in charge of ordering pins and awards through NACURH.

The NCC serves as the Parliamentarian for the RHA, meaning they are responsible for fielding questions regarding Parliamentary Procedure used for voting, and running meetings. The NCC will also serve as the public relations officer for the organization and serve as the RHA representative on any interdepartmental or event committees that the President and Executive Board deem appropriate along with our regional and national affiliations.


Director of Administration and Recognition

Compensation: $500 per Semester

  • The DAR shall keep an accurate record of the General Council and Executive Board meetings through taking minutes.
  • To maintain organized records, the share drive, and all other RHA Executive Board records. 
  • The DAR shall distribute minutes.
  • Minutes should be shared with the Executive Board or General Council within 3 days of the next meeting.
  • Keep a running record of all the RHA activities, oversee the residence hall “Potty Press” newsletter, and write thank you notes.
  • To serve as a resource to individual Hall Gov. in regards to advertising and publicity regarding their Potty Press. 
  • To coordinate all RHA bulletin boards in cooperation with the Resident Director’s (RD) and Hall Gov. 
  • To oversee all official writings and correspondence to residential students. 
  • To maintain the minutes on the  RHA website. 
  • The DAR shall lead Secretary meetings, to the discrescretion of how often and when by the DAR.
  • Secretary meetings shall happen no fewer than once a month.
  • The DAR shall take attendance at all General Council meetings. 
  • The DAR shall preside over all National Residence Hall Honorary (hereon out known as NRHH) meetings, head all committees responsible for selecting NRHH members, and serve as the liaison between the National and Regional NRHH boards, when NRHH is at active status. 
  • The DAR shall attend all conferences deemed prudent by the Executive Board. 
  • The DAR shall be responsible for coordinating a monthly Of the Month (OTM) committee, when NRHH is at active status. 
  • The DAR shall be responsible for facilitating RHA participation at the end of the year awards ceremony.


Director of Business Services

  • The Director of Business Services shall keep an accurate record of all the RHA finances
    monitor individual Hall Gov. finances
  • Act as a liaison between the RHA and external business services
  • The DBS shall lead Treasurer meetings, to the discretion of how often and when by the DBS.
  • Treasurer meetings shall happen no fewer than once a month.
  • Provide financial instructions to the Executive Board 
  • Prepare a budget at the beginning of each year
  • Take a treasury report to the General Council every week
  • Process all disbursement and deposit requests relating to the RHA account.  
  • The DBS shall oversee budget proposal process and be responsible for the dbs@pugetsound.edu account. 
  • Create an end of the year transition report for the following DBS. 

Director of Publicity

Compensation: $500 per Semester

  • The DP works closely with the President to  generate and manage a positive public image of RHA through the use of social media and university publicity resources. 
  • The DP shall work with the Hall Gov. publicists to ensure positive media coverage for their respective Hall Gov.’s and make them visible to the residential community. 
  • The DP shall lead Publicist meetings, to the discretion of how often and when by the DP.
  • Publiscit meetings shall happen no fewer than once a month.
  • The DP shall also be responsible for continually maintaining a positive online image of RHA on social networks and giving RHAcoordinated events a public image, and can work with the advisor to keep the RHA web page updated. 
  • To maintain all advertising supply needs in conjunction with the Director of Business Services.
  • To coordinate all advertising and publicity of quarterly RHA programs.