2018-2019 Residence Hall Association Application

Applications are due by 8 pm on September 7th

Please remember when applying:

  • All applicants should identify their top 2 positions they are running for. During your speech you can declare your intent for one position over another. Our goal is to fill all five positions with the best members of the community most interested in contributing to the community, regardless of position.
  • Schiff/Harrington Applicants: Please know that we are looking to strengthen the Adventure Education and Healthy Options elements of the living experience in these Schiff and Harrington.  Thus, all applicants for Schiff and Harrington should plan on including your ideas to support this theme in your materials.    
  • RHA retreat is mid September (14th and 15th) and is mandatory for all five elected positions. We will depart campus around 3pm on a Friday afternoon, and return to campus the following Saturday evening for dinner.
  • First general body meeting is Thursday September 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the Trimble Forum and is also mandatory for all five elected positions. After this meeting only the President and Programmer are REQUIRED, however all are encouraged to attend throughout the year.

Residence Hall Association Application 2018-2019

Residence Hall Association Application 2018-2019

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  • Please upload a picture of yourself for use during elections/potentially on election ballots.

  • Please complete the following short answers questions. These will be displayed for community members to learn more about the candidates.

  • Please also complete the questions below. This information is for our planning purposes and will not impact your candidacy in any way. This information will remain confidential.

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    Pick a date.
  • In you have no specific dietary needs, please enter "NA" here.