Recognizing Residential Leaders

It takes a village to make living in our campus housing fun, inclusive, safe, and healthy. From the facilities staff maintaining our buildings, to security staff ensuring safety and security, to student staff who intentionally build community, to the members of communities themselves who bring the energy and life to any community. We know there are several students, staff, and faculty who deserve some recognition for the hard work they put in day in and day out - and luckily NRHH has a program designed to do just that: OTMs, or Of the Months. These are short nominations from community members about community members or supporters. OTMs are submitted by colleges across the country, and even internationally! Submissions from Puget Sound go on to compete on regional levels, in a number of different categories. 

Officially, the Of the Month process recognizes outstanding contributions to College and University Residence Halls in the following categories: Advisor, Community, Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Executive Board Member, Faculty, First Year Experience, Organization, Residential Assistant, Social Program, Spotlight and Student. Any school affiliated with NACURH is eligible to make or receive an 'Of the Month' award and/or nomination. The OTM must be month specific, meaning the nomination should only focus on the month for which it is written. The information outlined below is designed to assist you in writing a quality nomination. 


So what are you waiting for? Chances are someone has made a positive difference in your community this month - why not tell them you noticed in a thoughtful and fun way? All you need to do is fill out this OTM Submission Form and the NRHH Executive Board takes care of the rest!


Ten Tips on Writing Winning OTMs

  1. Submit your OTM on time (11:59pm the last day of the month)
  2. Paint a clear picture of the event, individual, or group of individuals in which you are writing about
  3. Obtain background information on the event or individuals in which you are writing about Sometimes getting a couple of quotes or general statements from attendees gives an OTM that extra special pizzazz
  4. Aspire to max out the OTM word count
  5. Submit correct information - names, event titles, etc. These are the names printed on award certificates
  6. Use the correct Google Form we created for you!
  7. Define acronyms - RSA, RHA, even RA, RCC, GHC, RD are not universal terms. The only universal acronym in this case is NRHH. NACURH, PACURH, and NCC. 
  8. Make sure you are using the correct category for your nominee (i.e. advisor, student, etc.)
  9. Presentation is key! Proofread the OTM to make sure you are clearly saying what you want to say. Look for spelling and grammar errors. 
  10. Make sure you are month specific! OTMs are monthly and you want to highlight something special that happened in the previous month. Previous experience isn't taken into consideration (i.e. "All year Johnny Logger has been friendly, positive, and a dynamic leader."