Animals in Campus Residences

The University of Puget Sound (Puget Sound) understands that, for some, a service or therapy animal is necessary, and the university fully supports the rights and responsibilities of students with service and therapy animals. Beyond service and therapy animals, students are allowed to have fish in a 20-gallon or smaller sized tank in their campus residence. Please note that having a fish as a pet on campus does not require approval.

Students who need to bring a service animal to campus housing must register their animal with Residence Life. Service animals must always accompany the student and they are not allowed to be left behind in the student’s residence. It is suggested, but not required that you register with Student Accessibility and Accommodation if you need to bring a service animal to campus.

If a student needs to have a therapy animal live with them in on-campus housing, the student must first make a formal request and file documentation through Student Accessibility and Accommodation (SAA).  The documentation and intake forms required can be found online through Student Accessibility and Accommodationwebpage  Students may also contact SAA directly with questions at 253.879.3399.

Once a student has approval for their therapy animal, the student must register their animal with Residence Life by completing the Animal Registration Form. For a comprehensive overview of animals in campus housing, please read our Residence Life Animals in Housing Policy Handbook, updated July 2015.