House Detailed Information: 6-Person Houses

With a maximum occupancy of 6 students, these options are a favorite for large groups of students who know they want to live together on campus. Students residing in an on-campus house have access to a full kitchen with the option to opt out of a meal plan. Students living in an on-campus house are autonomous yet still able to utilize all campus resources that come with living on campus.

* indicates an RCC house with available spaces for 5 students besides the RCC

All housing assignments in campus houses are assessed at the premium rate. Read more about housing policy, rates, and refunds

1114 N Alder

1120 N Alder*

1210 N Alder*

1604 N Alder

1111 N Lawrence (Baseball House)

1114 N Lawrence (Muses)

1118 N Lawrence (the Outhaus)

1119 N Lawrence*

1122 N Lawrence

1127 N Lawrence 

1141 N Lawrence

3211 N 11th

3212 N 17th