What Staff Have to Say

Residence Life staff members have lots to say about being a member of our team - read what they have to say. Ready for more? Check out our Residence Life Blog!

"Res life allowed me to connect with a lot of very nice, like-minded people and made Puget Sound feel like "home" for me. I learned a lot from both my peers and the pro staff, and as a graduate, I'm realizing how handy all the skills I learned as an RA--from small talk with strangers to crisis management to speaking in front of groups--are in the work world and how many people don't have those. The things I learned and the people I met in res life benefited me during college, and now I'm starting to see their real-world affects."

Kristin Brynsvold, 2014-2015 Todd Phibbs RA 

"Residence life was one of the most fun and valuable learning experiences from my time at Puget Sound.  Knowing how to work with and lead people effectively helps me every day as a graduate student and is crucial no matter what career you choose."

Ben Boe, Beta Theta Pi GHC 2014-2015 

"Joining Residence Life developed me more as a leader, a friend, a problem-solver, a Puget Sound student, and a human being than I could ever have imagined. It definitely won't be what you expect, and may not even be what you were hoping for. But I guarantee that you will learn new things about yourself and discover the direction in which you want to grow, from your interactions with your staff team, your residents, and your RD. My favorite part of being the RPA for T/P was that each and every interaction I had with one of my first-year residents reinvigorated my passion for this university. Sophomore year is tough but my residents and my amazingly supportive staff team helped me make it a year to remember." 

-Kimberly Webber, Todd Phibbs RPA, 2013-14


"Res Life allowed me to grow as a leader, a friend, and an overall better person.  I learned skills that will help me for the rest of my life."

--Mike Raub, 2013-14 Phi Delta Theta GHC


"Being a Trimble RCC has been a very rewarding experience. I have gotten to know a lot of great people I otherwise would not likely have met because of this position. Getting to know my residents and fellow staff members exposed me to a wide variety of new ideas and life experiences. Moreover, it helped me to realize the high caliber of Puget Sound because of how amazing all the students at this school really are. It has also been a chance to give back and get to know the inner-workings of this great institution we all love so much. If you are looking to challenge yourself and experience personal growth, I would encourage you to consider becoming a Res Life student staff member. It is a great way to round out your college experience while gaining skills that will be useful to you in the future." 

-Chris Marsh, RCC, Trimble Hall


"Res Life has challenged me to be more comfortable in a leadership position. I've become more organized and more assertive in everyday life. The opportunity to create a welcoming and inclusive community for my residents has been great and I've enjoyed my time as a House RCC."

--Brendan, 2011-12 House RCC


"Choosing to join Residence Life has been one of the best decisions I have made at Puget Sound. It has really challenged me to grow as a person and I have developed so many meaningful relationships. There's really no experience quite like Residence Life and I encourage everyone to give it a shot and apply."

--Anon. 2011-12 Residence Life Staff member


"Being in Res Life is one of the greatest experiences in my college life. I got to meet and connect with people of different backgrounds, talents, and personalities. This group of leaders in Res Life is the most energetic, thoughtful, and interesting bunch. Res Life encourages you to be yourself, inspires you to make a great impact in other students' college experiences, and gets you to enjoy college so much more. Be awesome and apply!"

--Thien Vu, 2012-13 RA, Anderson/Langdon


"Residence Life has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the past two years. I've met amazing people, bonded with my staff team, and grown in leadership skills that I look forward to taking with me into my future career. So much of the college experience happens within living on campus, and I have loved having the opportunity to be a positive influence, a source of support, a resource, and a friendly face for my residents. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world, and I encourage anyone that is even toying with the idea of applying to just take that step and go for it. You won't regret it."

--Anon. 2011-12 Residence Life Staff member


"I came into Residence Life with an open mind and a passion to help others, but also a skepticism of student government from negative previous experiences. The flaws I had seen in high school leadership were non-existent in Residence Life the moment that I met my staff team. In working with residents, my staff team, my RHA, and my supervisor, I have found acceptance, learning, fun, and growth. I have learned skills that will continue to benefit me in future endeavors and I have establised relationships that I hope will last throughout my life in an environment that has supported and challenged me to reach out to others and look within myself.

--Sarah McKinley, 2012-13 Trimble RCC