Residence Life Student Leaders

Each residence hall area has a Resident Director (RD) and two to seven Resident Assistants (RA) or Resident Community Coordinators (RCC). Together, the RD,  RAs, and RCCs support and assist residents in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. These student leaders serve as wonderful first-step resources and referral agents for residents as they acclimate to life at Puget Sound and utilize campus and community offices and services.

Each student leader goes through an intensive summer training, as well as monthly continued training seminars throughout the year, to prepare them for this role. There is at least one staff member on-call each night, who performs outreach throughout the hall and assures the safety and well-being of all residents.

Due to the unique nature of the houses with their neighborhoods, Smith and Oppenheimer Halls, and Trimble and Thomas' suite/flat-style accommodations, student staff in these areas are called Resident Community Coordinators (RCCs), but still essentially function as resources and support for their communities.

Similarly, Greek chapter houses are unique in their organization. As such, each Greek chapter house is supported by one Greek House Coordinator (GHC) who functions as a resource to the community as well as a liaison between Residence Life and their respective chapter.

Interested in joining residence life as a student-leader? Read more about our positions and our selection process.

Resident Director: Kane Lemasters

Anderson/Langdon Hall RAs
  • Olivia Perez
  • Ryan Marrone
  • Olivia Chan
  • Holly Poole
  • Julia Pearl-Styles
  • Christy Fuller
  • Alexandra Betancourt
Harrington Hall RAs
  • Madeline Johnson
  • Levi Buck
  • Lily Godwin
Schiff Hall RAs
  • Maddie Davis
  • Allie Locke
  • Ki'i Arruda

Smith Hall RCCs

  • Isabella Chiovitti-Shifty
  • Austin Russel

Oppenheimer Hall RCCs

  • Ming Triulzi
  • Kylie Latta
  • Caleb Puapuaga

Resident Director: Emily Napier

Todd/Phibbs Hall RCCs
  • Ayliana Horvath
  • Will Hasten
  • Jackie Lewis
  • Preston Armstrong
  • Aidan Minamiji
  • Sofia Cunningham

Trimble Hall RCCs

  • Melissa MacDonald
  • Henry Conaway
  • Viviana Depito
  • Drew Kamihara
  • Cecilia Turetzky
  • Mya Pratt
Greek House GHCs
  • Alpha Phi - Ella Limoli
  • Beta Theta Pi-  Open
  • Gamma Phi - Allison Callstrom
  • Theta - Allison Locke
  • Pi Beta Phi - Sarah Johnsen
  • Phi Delt - Warren Sisneros-Barber
  • SAE - Mason Baugartner
  • Sigma Chi - Tanner Schreindl

Seward Hall RAs & RCCs

  • Mya Anson
  • Hailey Young
  • Marisa Wiese
  • Hailey Matas


Resident Director: Katie Highsmith

Thomas Hall RCCs
  • Ally Davey
  • Isaac Lasky
  • Lara Flanagan
  • Taj Phillips
Greek House GHCs
  • Alpha Phi - Keeley Levinson
  • Gamma Phi - Mary Smith
  • Phi Delt - Coby Rodriguea
  • Pi Beta Phi - Hayes Freeman
  • SAE - Brock Salatino
  • Sigma Chi - Tanner Schreindl
On-Campus Houses RCCs
  • Jocelyn Zweifel
  • Jayden Barrio
  • Savanna Girouard
  • Logan Plunkett
  • Chantal Nava
  • Jeremiah Miller
Regester Hall