Making It in the Makerspace

Students and faculty members try out the new dedicated space to create, invent, and explore

The Future Belongs to All of Us

Campus and community celebrate Tacoma's Human Rights Commission


All Together Now

Jess K. Smith ’05 brings the ARTBARN theater residency to campus


Field School Remix

How Professor Gareth Barkin created a study abroad program that blew his students' minds


Andy Rex: Information is Physical

Get a glimpse of how a physics professor sees the world

Reacting to the Past

During class students become ancient Athenians and Spartans, reliving—and rewriting—history

Diversity in the Tech Industry

Maxine Williams joins campus members for a discussion on access, relatability, and aspiration


Setting Mother Goose Loose

Dive into "Old World" literature through a digital humanist's obsession with nursery rhymes


Going Polar

A new curriculum module allows students to analyze + explore climate change data in real time


Common Ground

Mushawn Knowles ’20 traces his journey from McCarver Park to Puget Sound

Molding More Than Clay

Ceramics instructor Jonathan Steele ’14 takes a hands-on approach to figurative portraits

A Long and Storied History

Mayor Victoria Woodards and Prof. Dexter Gordon preserve Tacoma's civil rights narratives

Getting a Beer With Voldemort

Visiting philosophy professor Neal Tognazzini on the ethics of being judgmental


Beyond Theory

Exploring the intersection of music history and social justice


If Monkeys Could Talk

The Bioethics Club explores the ethics of animal consciousness

McCarver Day

What a fish brain can teach local fifth-graders about college

Spreading the Aloha Spirit

Students share Hawaiian history and culture at annual spring lu`au


This Is the Place

Connecting the work of a university with the lives of people in its community

Moss Goggles

Summer research gives biology students a close-up view of the field

Summer in the Wet Lab

How Caleb Van Boven ’19 is making a scientific contribution through summer research


Beyond Evita

Students and their professors discover modern Argentina


All the Exciting Things

Associate Professor Siddharth Ramakrishnan explores the intersection of art and science


Why Stories Matter

Assistant Professor Regina Duthely reflects on personal narrative as a means of resistance


Breaking Down the Walls

Lessons from the prison study halls of Freedom Education Project Puget Sound

Talking History

Andrew Gomez's Whiting Fellowship helps collect and preserve oral histories about race in Tacoma


Spark of Discovery

Professor Amy Fisher shares her passion for electricity

Imperfect Patriot

Prof. Jeff Matthews examines the leadership and legacy of Colin Powell

Team Beaver

Students and professors use summer to rethink the value of beavers


A new class by Profs. Andrew Gardner and Robin Jacobson explores migration and the global city


The Human Condition

Professor Andrew Gardner discusses his work on the Arabian Peninsula

Learning From Destruction

Alex Barnes ’20 joins local scientists to research the renewal of Mount St. Helens' Spirit Lake


The VP of People

Associate Professor Jill Nealey-Moore takes her psychology know-how to a tech startup