Making It in the Makerspace

Students and faculty members try out the new dedicated space to create, invent, and explore

The Future Belongs to All of Us

Campus and community celebrate Tacoma's Human Rights Commission


We Are Many

Posse Scholars at Puget Sound are changing the face of leadership


All Together Now

Jess K. Smith ’05 brings the ARTBARN theater residency to campus

The Creatures of Commencement Bay

A night of hands-on learning at Slater Museum of Natural History

Rethinking Take Back the Night

Students take the lead against sexual violence prevention and education on campus

Reacting to the Past

During class students become ancient Athenians and Spartans, reliving—and rewriting—history

Diversity in the Tech Industry

Maxine Williams joins campus members for a discussion on access, relatability, and aspiration


Going Polar

A new curriculum module allows students to analyze + explore climate change data in real time


The Cherry Trees

Campus rededicates beloved cherry trees to honor and remember a painful moment in university history

Still Dreaming of Equality

Eddie Moore Jr. captivates the audience at 32nd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Staying Out of Hot Water

Student researchers investigate what motivates their classmates to take shorter, cooler showers

Molding More Than Clay

Ceramics instructor Jonathan Steele ’14 takes a hands-on approach to figurative portraits

The Art of the Lemon Tart

Puget Sound Women's League revives beloved tradition to celebrate 50th Fieldhouse Flea Market

Getting a Beer With Voldemort

Visiting philosophy professor Neal Tognazzini on the ethics of being judgmental


Field Trip in a Box

How the Slater Museum of Natural History is bringing science to kids


The Yellow House

Meet three staff members helping to build a culture of equity and inclusion on campus

Summer Reunion Weekend 2018

Experience reunion through the photos and posts of Loggers who were there