The SoAn Senior Research Symposium was held on 4/29/21. Students briefly presented their thesis projects live to an audience of peers and faculty, and their projects were also summarized on thesis research web pages. Those students who elected to keep their thesis webpage available after the symposium are linked below.

SoAn 490 & 491 (Senior Thesis & Senior Research Seminar)

Chloe Bouchy
Where Does Fresh Food Come From? Theorizing an Ethic of Convenience

Nicole Cariño
The Role of Administration in the Institutional Sustainability of Higher Education

Karina Cherniske
Imagining New Worlds: Reclaiming Native Hawaiian Narratives on TikTok

Bailey Gamel
Tik Toking About a Revolution: Social Media in Social Movements

Jameson Gann
Nested Conspiracies, A Contemporary Study

Esperanza Lizarraga
COVID-19's Strains on the Immigrant Detention System
David Wetzel
We're Queer But Are We Here? Interrogating Digital "Place" Via Online Club Environments

SoAn 492 (Senior Thesis)

Alexis Choy
Asian-Americans in Western Culture: A Critique of the Model Minority Myth

Alexis Foldvary
Bridging the Divide: Patient-Interpreter-Practitioner Interactions with Non-English Speaking Immigrants

Lilah Hilliard
Language as Method of Decolonization: The Use of English as a Primary Language in Post-Colonial Namibia

Oscar Hughes
Houselessness in the United States: Root Causes, Neoliberal Public Policy, and Continued Inequalities

Kamrey Humann
A New Age in Discipline: Implementation of Restorative Justice Practices in Schools and the Benefits and Limitations

Mu Knowles
Seeding Resistance: Distinguishing U.S. Marronage and Locating Modern Day Maroon Existence

Aimee Roseberry 
Animating BIPOC Bodies: The potential of animation to perpetuate racial stereotypes

Claire Stephens
Urban Utopia or Manifested Inequality?: Perceptions versus Realities of Public Parks

Ellinor Tibbs
Death as an Oppportunity for Change: Death Rituals and Environmental Movements

SoAn 490 (Senior Thesis) & Independent Study

Sofia Anna Gatmon-Sandrock
Climate Change in the U.S.: An Analysis of Food Systems, the Livestock Industry, and Sustainable Food Movements

Deryn Gersoff
Identity, Gender, Tradition and Clothing: Carrying Tradition on Your Back

Maya Gilliam
Forging Foodways: The Role of Food and Food Activism in Communities in Pierce County, WA and Beyond