Ignoring sexual harassment and assault won't make it go away. Silence is interpreted as condoning the behavior.

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Campus Safety Tips

  • Don't prop open outside doors. Always lock your room door.
  • Use the campus escort service offered 24/7 by Security Services. (253.879.3311)
  • Trust your instincts, even if it seems awkward.
  • Do not make assumptions about another's consent to physical contact.
  • Watch out for others' safety.
  • Monitor parties - Does anyone seem uneasy?

How Can You Help?

  • Interrupt a situation that appears to be headed in the wrong direction, even if you risk angering a friend.
  • Arrange a signal with a friend for assistance.

Avoid Contributing to the Problem

  • Do not make light of assault or harassment by sharing inappropriate jokes, stories, or comments.
  • Do not laugh at jokes, stories, or comments about assault or harassment.
  • Ask others not to say these things around you.